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Yashwant Sinha Quotes

BJP Leader


Yashwant Sinha is a former external affairs minister of India

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 The nation was hoping for a remedy against back-breaking prices. Instead, people have been given a budget that will further push up prices 
— Yashwant Sinha on the 2010 Indian Union Budget / February 26, 2010
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 There is Congress complicity in the case. The party not only installed Koda as chief minister but also defended him inside and outside the Assembly. People are very angry with this 
— Yashwant Sinha / November 30, 2009
 It (the Liberhan report) will go in favour of the BJP. It was low-level politics to leak the report. What kind of government is functioning at the centre? Their (Congress) vote is already consolidated and it will work to consolidate votes of other sections of society in favour of the BJP, 
— Yashwant Sinha on the Liberhan report / November 24, 2009
 Let the party implement its own Kamraj Plan under which all office-bearers of the party and the Parliamentary Party should resign from their posts which should then be filled up through the process of election laid down by our constitution. 
— Yashwant Sinha resigning from all party posts / June 13, 2009
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