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Vincent Kompany Quotes

Belgian Football player, plays for Manchester City in the Premier League


Vincent Jean Mpoy Kompany is capable of playing at both centre back and defensive midfielder.

Vincent Kompany Info

Full NameVincent Jean Mpoy Kompany
Date of BirthApril 10, 1986
Place of BirthUccle, Belgium
Height1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Playing positionCentre back, Defensive midfielder
Current ClubManchester City
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 I have made a lot of progress. But I still have a lot more to show and bring to this club. I am definitely looking forward to the future and looking long term. 
— Vincent Kompany is looking for a long term stint with Manchester City / May 04, 2011
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 I don’t know one player who has dollar signs or pound signs in his eyes when he is on the pitch. Money plays an important part in any team’s success, and United and Chelsea – even Blackburn back in the day - only won the league because they spent a lot of money. Who can say what a footballer is worth? Whether a player is worth £50million or nothing is down to what a club is prepared to pay. That sets the value. But money can’t help you once you go on to the training ground or into a stadium. We just want to be the best we can, individually and collectively, because if you aren’t a team then you will never win anything. There is a real soul about this club, a great work ethic, and if people want us to fail, so what? We are in the elite now. I don’t feel any bitterness or anger towards these people because they are not ­important. The only people who can judge us are our fans. For me, City are a bigger club than Chelsea and ­Blackburn so I can’t see why we shouldn’t be successful. 
— Vincent Kompany / September 19, 2010
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 We want to be the best we can and once we start winning trophies, this obsession people have with the money we earn will stop. We will achieve, we will win things - that much should be obvious to everyone. But the owners aren’t just investing in the team, they are investing in the whole club, the training facilities, the stadium, the fans and the city of Manchester itself. They know how important City are to the people of ­Manchester and there is much more going on at the club than just creating a team. 
— Vincent Kompany / September 19, 2010
 We played well and we did the job but to rank it as the best performance we have had at home since I got here would not be correct. I remember great days when we defeated Chelsea, Arsenal on two occasions, and United. This was an important win, a big win for momentum and confidence but we can still get better. It was a special result because it is the beginning of the season. I thought it was a very good point some of the teams looking for a top four place will lose there. Spurs have a very good team again and any point there is a good point. 
— Vincent Kompany refuses to get carried away after defeating Liverpool / August 25, 2010
 Don’t move me into the defenders column yet. I have said always that I am happy at the back and I am happy in midfield. I am blessed in that respect. I feel comfortable in both positions. I just give my all wherever I am and spots in this side are so hard to come by I am happy to play wherever I am asked to. 
— Vincent Kompany / August 25, 2010

 It is good for English football what is happening here, no matter what people are saying. Everybody is enjoying it, even if they are criticising us. If they are saying positive stuff, our fans are enjoying it. Nobody was complaining about having a top four. You want to have a competitive league and big spending attracts the top players. Everybody's kind of hoping for a similar situation to happen to their club. I understand the situation, I have no problem with people giving their opinion and not being happy about it but all we can do is go out and play and we are happy the season has started. 
— Vincent Kompany saying Manchester City's massive spending in the 2010-11 Premier League season is good for the League / August 16, 2010