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Indian businessman and Rajya Sabha MP, Chairman of the United Breweries Group and Kingfisher Airlines


Vijay Mallya Info

Date of BirthDecember 18, 1955
Place of BirthBantwal, Karnataka, India
OccupationsChairman of: United Breweries Group, Kingfisher Airlines, Force India F1 Team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, East Bengal FC, URBB
Spouse (s)Samira, Rekha (1993–present)
Net worthUS$1.0 billion
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 Delighted to hear on the news that Sachin has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha. Befitting an extraordinarily accomplished Indian. 
— Vijay Mallya reacting to Sachin Tendulkar being nominated as Rajya Sabha member / April 27, 2012
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 Lalit Modi is a friend of mine and I met him at the awards function on Friday night. But we did not discuss the current controversy. I think Modi must be given some opportunity at some point of time to explain himself, 
— Vijay Mallya feels Lalit Modi needs to be given a chance to explain himself / April 24, 2010
 This whole controversy has become an unnecessary too fan. Yes, there may be some questions about the way in which IPL runs. Clearly some governing council members may not be happy. Let all that be properly investigated. But to rubbish the IPl as a league then start casting aspersions on owners, alleging black money involvement, alleging funds from tax havens. I think this is stretching things way too far, 
— Vijay Mallya on the 2010 IPL Controversy / April 24, 2010
 In case of foreign direct investment in our country, money comes from Mauritius or Switzerland, no body questions it. How can it certainly become a big issue when it comes to IPL investigations? The finance Ministry I had heard on TV has promised a full inquiry into all this, let the inquiry be conducted. Till then, I don't think we should jump into conclusions. Yesterday, even something new appeared about match fixing. This is utter rubbish. Several of our political leaders are calling the IPL gambling den which is completely not true, 
— Vijay Mallya saying Government is welcome to hold an inquiry into the IPL match fixing allegations / April 24, 2010
 If you don't understand success of the world's sixth largest sporting league, they should do their homework. They should look at other competible league in the world then figure out what the IPL really is. I don't think they even understand the business model of IPL. It is all very easy to make allegations but I think we should all calm down till the investigations is done and then conclude what we need to. The ultimate part is too many people are jumping on to the bandwagon. Several political parties are now using this as an excuse to make a big issue out of this. Let them wait for an investigation to be completed. See if there is any primafacie evidence of wrong doing and then do whatever needs to done thereafter. But right now there is too much speculations, things are actually way out of control, 
— Vijay Mallya is unhappy that politicians are making use of the IPL controversy for their political gains / April 24, 2010

 He has done a very good job... I have never heard of any country nationalizing its sport. 
— Vijay Mallya supporting Lalit Modi in the wake of the IPL controversy / April 20, 2010
 [Congress-led coalition] is a vote for stability... UPA need not worry about hotch-potch partners. Congress can clearly pursue ..Its policies without the need to convince the Left 
— Vijay Mallya on Congress' victory in 2009 Indian elections / May 16, 2009
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 To be honest, I would have preferred England to South Africa, An average Englishman loves his cricket. The stands there would have been full. 
— Vijay Mallya referring to IPL being held in South Africa
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