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Victoria Beckham Quotes

English singer, songwriter, dancer, fashion designer, author, businesswoman, actress and model.


Victoria Caroline Beckham was the 'Posh Spice' in her Spice Girls band. She married football player David Beckham in 1999.

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 Why do they call you beautiful? 
— Victoria Beckham response to Naomi Campbell's question "Why do they call you Posh?" / August 12, 2009
 I like that fact that's he's honest. I think he's very funny, He has a very tongue-in-cheek British sense of humor, which I have too. I'm looking forward to a bit of banter. I hope he does give me a little bit of a hard time. I love that. I feed off of that. 
— Victoria Beckham about Simon Cowell / August 07, 2009
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 He is the only man in the music industry who turned down the Spice Girls and said we would never work, 
— Victoria Beckham on Simon Cowell / August 07, 2009
 I want to be nice to people. I know how it feels to stand there and be judged... I don't want to shatter anybody's dream, but at the same time there's nothing wrong with constructive criticism. 
— Victoria Beckham plans to be a nice judge in American Idol / August 07, 2009
 I don't. I'm a spiritual person and I believe that you get back whet you put out there, and I hope she does something that is bigger and better …. There's something great for her around the corner, I'm sure. 
— Victoria Beckham when asked if she feels guilty replacing Paula Abdul as judge in American Idol / August 07, 2009

 What I'm looking for [in an Idol winner] is a great singer and somebody who has that star quality. It's about the whole package. 
— Victoria Beckham on what she wants to see in American Idol winner / August 07, 2009
 When David and I got to the first shoot we were both standing in our bathrobes, looking at each other and saying, 'Okay, who's going to drop their dressing gown first?' 
— Victoria Beckham stripping for Armani adverts. / May 2009
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 I never used to go to the gym before working with Armani - but if you're going to be photographed in your bra and knickers you want to look as good as you can 
— Victoria Beckham on stripping for Armani adverts / May 2009
 David was working out a lot as well, so we motivated each other. It was fun. 
— Victoria Beckham on working out at gym for posing in Armani adverts / May 2009
 As a 35-year-old mother of three, I'm looking okay 
— Victoria Beckham on her shape / May 2009