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American Tennis Player


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 I have great tennis in me. I just need the opportunity. There’s no way I’m just going to sit down and give up just because I’ve had a hard time the first five or six... You know, that’s just not me. 
— Venus Williams rules out retirement after losing in first round of Wimbledon / June 25, 2012
 I feel like I am a great player; I am a great player. Unfortunately, I had to deal with circumstances that people don’t normally have to deal with in this sport. But I can’t be discouraged by that, so I’m up for challenges. 
— Venus Williams rules out retirement after losing in first round of Wimbledon / June 25, 2012
 I enjoyed playing my first match here and wish I could continue but right now I am unable to. I am thankful I finally have a diagnosis and am now focused on getting better and returning to the court soon. 
— Venus Williams after pulling out of the US Open / August 31, 2011
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 I’m looking forward to obviously more time off the court and more time in the business too, 
— Venus Williams wants to spend time in her business / August 21, 2010
 Absolutely. I enjoyed working on it. We worked on it for close to two years. We created a wish list of people to interview, and we were just so happy when people would say yes. We’d always jump for joy and high-five. It was great. I was nervous at every interview because you want to make sure you get the information, you ask questions right and that you don’t step on people when they’re talking. All those things, you worry about them beforehand. After the interview would be over, it was a breath of relief. I didn’t [get more comfortable], because I was just so nervous about whether or not we’d get enough questions answered to make the story. It was tough every time because everyone is so busy, such crazy schedules. For them to make time, and hopefully get enough information — that was probably my biggest worry. 
— Venus Williams saying she enjoyed working on the tome / August 21, 2010

 [That dress is] very historical at this point. I would do it the absolute same way. I was trying to do something fun that was still functional. 
— Venus Williams doesn't regret wearing racy outfits on tennis courts / July 27, 2010
 I think sometimes you have to be careful with practice, not to practice too long. I may have made a mistake with that a little bit. I know better, but 'Eager V' kind of burst through, 
— Venus Williams thought she may have overdone her practice ahead of the Sony Ericsson Open Women's final which she lost to Kim Clijsters / April 03, 2010