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BJP leader


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 A transparent and independent inquiry alone can establish the truth and setting up of a joint action committee (JAC) would pave the way for cleansing both cricket as well as the functioning of Central intelligence agencies, 
— Venkaiah Naidu demanding a JAC probe into the IPL deals and the phone tapping issue / April 25, 2010
 Too much tweeting will lead to quitting. Why is the Prime Minister silent on the issue? Mr. Tharoor needs to be guided by Dr. [Manmohan] Singh... he needs counselling from him. 
— Venkaiah Naidu saying Shashi Tharoor needs some counselling from the Prime Minister / March 04, 2010
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 Mr. Tharoor is expected to be more careful about his statements... and this was not the first or second time that he has made such controversial statements, 
— Venkaiah Naidu asks Shashi Tharoor not to make controversial statements / March 04, 2010
 Advani informed BJP MPs about PM's claim in Lok Sabha yesterday that the government had implemented its decision on enhancement of pension to JCOs and Jawans. No JCO or Jawan has received any such orders. This is a very serious matter of Parliamentary impropriety, 
— Venkaiah Naidu / March 03, 2010
 Mr. Advani said that the Prime Minister should have studied the matter properly and then spoken on it. This impropriety should be taken seriously, 
— Venkaiah Naidu / March 03, 2010

 Mr. Advani said our complaints are not against the US but against our government's tendency to bow under international pressure. The Saghir Ahmed report on autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir gives the impression that the government will buckle under pressure, 
— Venkaiah Naidu / March 03, 2010
 The Committee has no any statutory sanctity. It is a farce and is a sheer waste of time and resources, and a futile exercise, 
— Venkaiah Naidu on the Sri Krishna committee that was set up to resolve the separate Telangana issue / February 27, 2010
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 What happened to the earlier committee -- headed by Pranab Mukherjee --Constituted to look into the demand for Telangana state?. Committees can't decide the future of the state and there should be a political solution to this burning issue, 
— Venkaiah Naidu questioning the congress on their separate Telangana promises that were made earlier / February 27, 2010
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 They have messed up the issue. It is an immature and irresponsible act of the government 
— Venkaiah Naidu saying UPA should have handled the Telangana issue better / December 12, 2009
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 I was in Hyderabad yesterday and the doctors told me that his (Chandrasekhara Rao's) condition was very, very serious and unless he takes medicine or food, the situation will go out of hand. I want to draw the attention of the govenment to this. Why is the government silent? 
— Venkaiah Naidu raising a question during the zero hour in the Parliament / December 09, 2009