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Vanessa Paradis Quotes

French singer and actress


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 It depends which rumour. Here, this is one which could hurt my family. After that... they say that we have 52 houses in France, we separate in winter, we get married every summer. Me, I'm in my 12th pregnancy. All this is, I don't know, because the Queen of England didn't lose her teeth this week and there's nothing happening. 
— Vanessa Paradis on how she handles rumors / January 25, 2012
 A TV presenter was once talking about people he couldn’t stand and one of them was me. He said my voice was too quiet; as a singer, that’s a pretty bad thing to hear. But then you can’t please everyone, and I don’t want to. 
— Vanessa Paradis saying she doesn't want to please everyone / January 30, 2011
 I started in music – and modeling and acting came later, so I don’t think that side of things has made people in the music industry take me any less seriously. Anyway, I started at an age when I didn’t look my best — I was only a teenager. 
— Vanessa Paradis saying her singing doesn't overshadow her other work / January 30, 2011
 Love, respect and patience. I think it’s important to spend quality time together. We like watching old movies with Bogart and Bacall and Jean Gabin and Alain Delon. 
— Vanessa Paradis when asked for tips to keep a relationship healthy / June 30, 2010
 Will we marry? I really have no idea. I’m not really for it or against it. There is something romantic about it and there’s something scary about it. If you’re happy without it, why bother? 
— Vanessa Paradis is not sure of marraige / June 30, 2010