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Valentine's Day Quotes


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 For me it's all about the little things that people do. I'm so not a romantic. I don't think you need a specific day to celebrate your love for someone. I think it can be a Tuesday. It's an everyday thing. 
— Lauren Conrad doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day / February 15, 2011
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 Every day is a day of love for us. Susanne and I work at everything together - we discuss everything, and we have two beautiful kids now. We are enjoying just watching them grow. 
— Hrithik Roshan saying every day is like a valentine's day for him / February 14, 2011
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 Valentine’s Day is Eddie and me and his kids, so I don’t know what we’re going to do. We’re going to all hang and have a good time. 
— LeAnn Rimes about her plans for Valentine's Day / February 13, 2011
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 No, I would never say no. Oh, you just made me nervous! 
— Jenni "JWoww" Farley on whether she would accept a valentine's day proposal / February 13, 2011
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 I mean, this is Valentine's Day. I want it to be extra, extra special. If you're looking for little miss goody two shoes, she's next door cuddling and spooning. 
— Kim Kardashian doesn't want a cuddly valentine's day / February 11, 2011
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 I mean, cuddling is nice and all, and that glamorous night on the town is romantic for sure, but sometimes a girl just wants to have a bit more fun. I mean, you can't be little miss prim and proper every night of the year. 
— Kim Kardashian doesn't want a cuddly valentine's day / February 11, 2011
 Every single day -- I'm serious! He'll either give me a bouquet, or handpick one. So sweet! 
— Jennifer Love Hewitt saying she doesn't need a valentine's day / February 11, 2011
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 I'm going to take my mum out and then that night I'm actually flying [somewhere]. But before that, I want to go to a random theatre that is playing my movie and surprise them! 
— Justin Bieber on his Valentine's Day plans / February 10, 2011
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 No, no, no, I think I'll probably be working. It falls on a Monday so [I won't be able to]. 
— Ed Westwick has no intentions to celebrate Valentine's day / February 09, 2011
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 I'm a Valentine's Day kind of girl, I love it. I like smiling and telling my neighbors happy Valentine's Day and the people I meet down at the store. I like sharing the love around. 
— Jennifer Garner likes Valentine's Day / February 04, 2010
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