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 T20 cricket cannot be stopped. It is a runaway train prepared to kill everything in its way. I am not joking when I say this. If we don't handle T20 cricket properly, it will crush everything in its way, including the Test and one-day formats, 
— Dean Jones / February 04, 2012
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 I thoroughly enjoy Twenty20 cricket and have taken great pride from playing all three forms of the game for Australia. However I feel the time is now right for me to concentrate on Test and ODI cricket. 
— Brad Haddin announcing his retirement from Twenty20 internationals / September 22, 2011
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 I don't see 50 over cricket dying down. I don't see that happening. From a cricketing point of view, things are going fine. Two powerplays have made it more exciting, so it is going good. Twenty20 and 50 overs are very different. In 50 overs, you can give yourself a chance to settle in but in Twenty20, you have to go from the start, 
— Chris Gayle on comparisons between ODI's and T20's / February 20, 2011
 If you get a good batting track, 320 or 300 will be a par score in the World Cup. IPL changed a lot of batsmen's mindsets, because batsmen now think we can chase 10 run an over anytime. Before teams thought you have lost the game if they needed to chase 10 an over, but now with the power-hitters in the team, they will chase it and that will be very exciting to see in the World Cup 
— Virendar Sehwag saying Twenty20 cricket has changed the way teams look at scores in ODI format / February 11, 2011
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 I think it’s something they’re going to have to look into. I would support what Collingwood just said. I could have been in the same position as well. It’s something that can be addressed, so it can be ‘even Stevens’ for both teams in the future. I’m happy, but it’s just unfortunate for England. It was a good game. It was just unfortunate for England to have to lose in this manner. 
— Chris Gayle supports Collingwood's views on Duckworth Lewis method in Twenty20 Cricket / May 03, 2010
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 There’s a major problem with this Duckworth-Lewis in this form of the game. I’ve got no problems with it in the 50-over form. But I know it’s made us very frustrated tonight. It certainly has to be revised for this form of the game. 
— Paul Collingwood is not happy with the Duckworth Lewis method in Twenty20 Cricket / May 03, 2010
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