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Australian Cricket coach


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 Playing at home is a huge factor for them. There's some pressure there and if we can start the game well and maybe quieten the crowd that will play on the mind of the Indian team. The media and the public scrutiny will also be so great that you'd expect India to have most of the pressure on them. 
— Tim Nielsen believes India will be under pressure in the quarterfinal between Australia and India / March 22, 2011
 I can't afford to have two, three or four guys that we're uncertain about. It means we've only got 11 fit ready to go at the start. That's the quandary we face. What is the role the players who are injured play? Do we have back-up for that position? If we have an injury to somebody in the team at the moment is the injured person the next cab off the rank or the only possible replacement or do we have other options? All those things will be thrown into the mix. 
— Tim Nielsen hopes Australia won't send too many injured players to the World Cup / February 07, 2011
 Ricky had another bat on Friday afternoon in Sydney and went well so that's a positive for us. He seems to be getting better every day. He's probably at least where we would like him to be. 
— Tim Nielsen hopes Ricky Ponting will be fit for the World Cup / February 07, 2011
 At the moment Hussey and Hauritz are in the squad - they're the first cabs off the rank. If we're going to replace them we're going to have to rule them out of the tournament full stop. That's the first question we're going to have to answer. Are they going to take any part in the tournament in a timeframe that's going to work for us? 
— Tim Nielsen on Michael Hussey and Nathan Hauritz for the World Cup / February 07, 2011
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 We just talked about it from the start that Michael and Doug wouldn't be here till a certain stage. When that changed, we pushed it back. Everybody is understanding [of that]. We just let them [Bollinger and Hussey] know upfront that if they are fit, they are more than likely to take their place in the team. We have to make the right decision, not only on their getting a spot, but [make sure] they are physically and mentally and technically right to play. 
— Tim Nielsen is not sure if Doug Bollinger plays in the first test against India / September 29, 2010

 We've had a pretty good run and I'm not sure who they have been playing lately but they'd want to front up pretty well then, wouldn't they. 
— Tim Nielsen on Australia tour of New Zealand / February 2010
 Spinners have always had success in Brisbane, especially on day four and day five, especially with the heat around as the wicket gets a bit drier and starts to crack, 
— Tim Nielsen saying australia could play nathan hauritz in Brisbane / December 23, 2009
 We need to make sure we set a platform and I suppose the best way to do that for us is to aim to win by an innings... [We need to] make a big enough score that we put them under huge pressure in the second innings that they've got to survive to get past us rather than having a chance to put us under pressure on the fifth day. 
— Tim Nielsen on day 2 of the second test match against West Indies / December 05, 2009
 A lot of people have spoken about the age of our team but we've got the best players at the moment. 
— Tim Nielsen / June 03, 2009
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