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Susan Boyle Quotes

Scottish singer


Susan Magdalane Boyle is a Scottish singer who rose to fame when she appeared as a contestant on reality TV programme Britain's Got Talent. She later released her first album I Dreamed a Dream in November 2009.

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 I dream about security, about one day finding the right person and continuing to make people happy with my music, My advice to those who dare to dream is don't give up. If I can do it, anyone else can. 
— Susan Boyle saying she is hoping to find her love in the future / December 31, 2009
 What a laugh, There was a TV company that wanted to set me up. Apparently he was nice, but I've got my living to do now. 
— Susan Boyle saying a TV company tried to set her up with a date / December 31, 2009
 When it all first happened I just thought 'Oooh, my God'. I didn't know what to think, It was all so sudden. It felt like a giant demolition ball in a way. The impact of it was so hard. It still is very strange to me. But now I have learned how to deal with it all. You have to put on a front. You have an audience to please and so you get on with it. You have to. 
— Susan Boyle coping with fame / December 21, 2009
 I still have my former life. I still live in the same house. My life hasn't changed. 
— Susan Boyle claiming that she still has the same lifestyle / December 15, 2009
 I travel more. I see places I never thought I would see. There is nothing I miss because I have everything I had before - it's just a little more interesting now. 
— Susan Boyle claiming that she still has the same lifestyle / December 15, 2009

 The album itself is like a reflection on my whole life... I've waited so long to become a professional singer and now it's become real. 
— Susan Boyle on her debut album / November 2009
 I've spent weeks rehearsing - it's all I've been thinking about. I'm not going to throw away my big chance now 
— Susan Boyle / May 29, 2009
 Oh no. I am not lonely. Everyone has been so nice. I've got millions of new friends now 
— Susan Boyle saying she has a huge fan following after her stunning performance / May 10, 2009
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 I've just tidied up a bit like any woman would 
— Susan Boyle speaking on Oprah Winfrey Show about her makeover / May 2009
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