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 Any inquiry, to be meaningful, should be supported by the members of the United Nations, and also should be very impartial and objective. I would like to ask the Sri Lankan government to recognize the international call for accountability and full transparency. 
— Ban Ki-moon / June 2009
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 We should not speak like this about the dead. Even the dead deserve dignity. 
— P Chidambaram saying that we should accept the statement of Sri Lankan government that Prabhakaran is dead / May 26, 2009
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 It's time for Sri Lankan to heal the wounds and unite without regard for religious and ethnic identity 
— Ban Ki-moon on his arrival in Sri Lanka to urge the Lankan Government to give UN unrestricted access to displaced areas / May 23, 2009
 The problem in Sri Lanka was triggered only because the Tamils of the island were relegated, post-independence, to the status of secondary citizens in their own homeland. Decimation of the LTTE or the killing of its leaders will not wipe away the injustice meted out to this large community which had its roots in Sri Lanka 
— J Jayalalithaa urging the Sri Lankan government to give equal status to Tamils / May 21, 2009
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 We should live in this country as children of on mother. No differences of race, caste and religion should prevail here. 
— Mahinda Rajapaksa on people of Sri Lanka / May 19, 2009
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 We have been fighting the LTTE non-stop from August 2006. Now the country is under one flag. We accomplished the mission 
— Sarath Fonseka on the war against LTTE / May 18, 2009
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 We must prevent this desperate situation descending into a humanitarian catastrophe. There is already an urgent need for supplies of aid and it is vital that the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers allow international agencies immediate access to people driven from their homes by the fighting. It is essential that we get food, medicines and shelter in as soon as possible to save lives. That is why the Department for International Development is giving a further £5 million - this money would be immediately available. 
— Douglas Alexander announcing £5m in aid to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Sri Lanka / May 17, 2009
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