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Spencer Pratt Quotes

American television personality


Spencer Pratt is best known for his role as the antagonistic husband of Heidi Montag on MTV's The Hills.

Spencer Pratt Info

Birth nameSpencer William Pratt
Date of BirthAugust 14, 1983
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California
OccupationsReality television personality and part time rapper
Spouse (s)Heidi Montag (2009-present)
Known forReality Stardom
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 Heidi and I are both so excited to visit the Middle East and even more thrilled to watch King Kevin Casey smash his opponents. 
— Spencer Pratt saying he and Heidi Montag are going to Saudi Arabia to witness a boxing match / February 06, 2011
 It was clear we’re soulmates. I don’t see any reason we can’t get back on track. 
— Spencer Pratt hopes to get back with Heidi Montag / September 15, 2010
 My last book, How to be Famous, didn’t make the New York Times best-seller list because it was in the self-help section. This one is going to be totally different. I’m not holding anything back. 
— Spencer Pratt revealing that he is writing a tell-all about his relationship with Heidi Montag / August 20, 2010
 If that's true ... that is the best news I’ve heard all day long, 
— Spencer Pratt on Darlene Egelhoff (Heidi Montag's mother) owing $187k on loan / May 07, 2010
 Anybody who would do what she did to her daughter – my amazing, beautiful, magnificent wife Heidi – on national television ... should be put in a straight jacket, 
— Spencer Pratt is mean to Heidi Montag's mother Darlene Egelhoff as she made Heidi Montag cry during Montag's plastic surgery / May 07, 2010

 When Heidi woke up from the anesthesia [last time], she was angry [her b****ts] weren’t bigger. She said she wanted to punch the doctor in the face. I try to stop her. She’ll do what she wants with her body. 
— Spencer Pratt saying Heidi Montag wants to have another b**b job / May 05, 2010
 On a dif note - just heard kesha did a body paint shoot - next time use invisible paint- give my ears back. Tic-toc b*tch- ur time is up!. Good news tweeties... Just saw a pic of kesha at Lax with a paper bag on her head - THANK YOU! 
— Spencer Pratt in a twitter message / April 2010
 (We) were just playing with one his new toys and the rope slipped out of my mouth when Rainbow tugged. (It was) very innocent, but it definitely hurt... Sometimes accidents happen. I'll think twice about sticking the toy in my mouth next time. 
— Spencer Pratt about his surgery after biting his tongue playing with his puppy / March 07, 2010
 This was the first time you cried on camera and it wasn't fake. 
— Spencer Pratt to his wife Heidi Montag after she got emotional, on I'm A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here / June 2009
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