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Sourav Ganguly Quotes

Kolkata Knight Riders Cricket player, Former Indian Cricket Captain


Sourav Chandidas Ganguly is a former Indian cricketer, and captain of the Indian national team. Born into an affluent family, Ganguly was introduced into the world of cricket by his elder brother Snehasish. He started his career by playing in state and school teams. There his playmanship was appreciated, he was only mildly successful and was condemned as being arrogant. Currently, he is the 5th highest run scorer in ODIs and was the 5th person in history to cross the 10,000 run landmark and only the 2nd Indian to cross that landmark after Sachin Tendulkar.

Sourav Ganguly Info

Full NameSourav Chandidas Ganguly
Date of BirthJuly 8, 1972
Place of BirthCalcutta, West Bengal, India
Height5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Other Names / Nick NamesThe God of the Off Side, The Prince of Calcutta, The Maharaja, Dada
Batting styleLeft-handed
Bowling styleRight arm medium
RelationsSnehasish Ganguly (brother)
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 I have to teach him football. He doesn't play football that well. The way he puts bat to ball, he doesn't have that much control over football. Now he has to pick up the nuances of soccer to compete with the Kolkata franchise. 
— Sourav Ganguly on a lighter note after Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly won rights for franchises in / April 14, 2014
 I'm not sure whether he will be able to learn soccer fast. I hope he won't take 15 years to learn soccer. Because after 15 years, Tendulkar may not bee seen on the field. So I have to request him to learn the game fast, 
— Sourav Ganguly in a lighter vein asking Sachin Tendulkar to learn Soccer fast as he couldn't learn Bengali in 15 years / April 14, 2014
 If you go around the IPL, you will see worse actions. I should not be saying it because we are all part of a competition. But if Marlon gets warned for his action, then there are probably a few around who are worse. 
— Sourav Ganguly is surprised by on-field umpires Aleem Dar and Bruce Oxenford's decision to report Marlon Samuels for suspected bowling action / April 17, 2012
 He was a perfectionist. His determination, technique and commitment towards the game was something special. It's really tough to become another Rahul Dravid. It will not happen overnight. It has taken him long to get here; one has to go through a lot of hardships and commitment. 
— Sourav Ganguly in a tribute to Rahul Dravid after Dravid announced his retirement / March 09, 2012
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 A lot of players moved in to new teams. I have moved to Pune Warriors in the late stage of the tournament. Hopefully, I will feature in the next season as well, 
— Sourav Ganguly is hopeful to play the next edition of the IPL / June 02, 2011

 Shah Rukh Khan spoke to me about a possible role as mentor. I don't think Kolkata Knight Riders needs a mentor. I see no role there, 
— Sourav Ganguly denies an offer to mentor Kolkata Knight Riders / February 07, 2011
 I felt there was panic every time we lost. There was panic among the owners, panic among the players. But you need continuity in a team to deliver, like Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. 
— Sourav Ganguly saying KKR lacks confidence in the team / February 07, 2011
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 When we don't win three seasons in a row, there's an opportunity to rebuild. I understand Kolkata felt they deserved better and when they got an opportunity to rebuild the team, they wanted to bring in some fresh faces. 
— Sourav Ganguly saying KKR lacks confidence in the team / February 07, 2011