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Romanian Tennis player


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 I'm going to a normal high school with normal classes and the teachers, When I'm not there, they know, I'm in tournaments - now they can see me on TV. They know I'm not somewhere else. 
— Sorana Cirstea on bunking classes playing at the 2009 French Open / June 2009
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 I'm going to finish high school this year and then it's going to be easier. 
— Sorana Cirstea on studying and playing tennis / June 2009
 It's nice just to have something different to focus on besides tennis. And of course, I like geography because I travel so much. I read a lot. I'm reading all these Romanian authors because I have to study for my exam. 
— Sorana Cirstea on her favorite subjects being England and Geography / June 2009
 Right then and there I fell in love with the game. I was gazing at those two players and I only wanted one thing, to do what they were doing. My parents thought tennis was a good idea with all the energy that I had. I didn't waste any time getting serious in the sport. I already had a coach by the time I was five years old. 
— Sorana Cirstea on how she got into playing tennis / June 2009

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