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Sonia Gandhi Quotes

Congress party President, India


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 Whether Rahul will be in government will be decided by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh 
— Sonia Gandhi speaking about Rahul Gandhi in cabinet / May 16, 2009
 The UPA worked very hard under the leadership of Manmohan Singh. She said that the public has expressed faith in Manmohan Singh and the Congress. She also said that it will Manmohan Singh's decision to have Rahul in the Cabinet 
— Sonia Gandhi after results of 2009 Indian elections / May 16, 2009
 I would like to thank the people for reposing their faith in the Congress party. Esentially, the people of India know what is good for them and they always make the right choice. Once again our gratitude to them... as the prime minister has said, we have certain promises in our manifesto, in the CMP (common minimum programme). Under his leadership, we worked very hard to fulfil those promises. I believe the people have appreciated the fact that we have worked hard. 
— Sonia Gandhi / May 16, 2009
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 People know what is good for them and they made the right choice, as they appreciated that we do think of them and work for them with sincerity. 
— Sonia Gandhi thanking the people for reposing the faith in the Congress / May 16, 2009
 I feel extremely happy in telling you that keeping in consideration the emotions of millions of people, we have given the status of National River to Ganga 
— Sonia Gandhi at an election rally in Ajmer / May 05, 2009
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 You might have heard that there is a fashion these days, you'd see everyone wants to be a prime minister. It looks as if they just have a single aim of grabbing prime minister's chair. I can confidently say that Congress party's aim is only to serve people, serving common man, 
— Sonia Gandhi / May 03, 2009
 Unlike the BJP- led NDA government, our party has never surrendered to terror forces. It was due to our governement's efforts under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh that Pakistan accepted for the first time that Mumbai terror attack was carried out from its own soil. As far as our fight against terrorism is concerned , we don't need a certificate from anyone 
— Sonia Gandhi at an election rally in Jalandhar / May 03, 2009
 Congress is committed to fight these communal forces who are out there to divide the country. We will continue our struggle against these forces till these are weakened and rooted out. 
— Sonia Gandhi on Congress / May 03, 2009
 The country is facing serious challenges like terrorism from across the border and venom of communalism spread by some power-hungry this condition India needs Congress which has loads of experience in running government and has honest leadership 
— Sonia Gandhi at a rally in Shimla / May 02, 2009
 People of our country felt insecure under them. But BJP and their partners thought that India was shinning. 
— Sonia Gandhi speaking about BJP / May 2009
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