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Sonia Gandhi Quotes

Congress party President, India


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 During 2004 Lok Sabha polls, people were not happy with BJP and NDA policies. The economic situation and social environment was not good. 
— Sonia Gandhi speaking about 2004 Lok Sabha Elections / May 2009
 BJP leader who today talks about combating terrorism, I think should introspect his inner soul and recall what happened when their government was in power. I believe Indian citizens till now have not forgotten that 
— Sonia Gandhi speaking about BJP during an election campaign / May 2009
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 NDA's rule was devoted to spreading hatred in the name of religion and caste and poisoning the society. Country's borders were unsafe during the period. 
— Sonia Gandhi terming the previous NDA regime as an era of darkness / May 2009
 Congress' policies and approach are never meant for any single religion or a particular caste but these were holistic and for the welfare of everyone regardless of communities 
— Sonia Gandhi / May 2009
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 It is Advani who is a slave of the RSS because he wants to protect his chair. This is the reason why he panders to each and every wish of the RSS. 
— Sonia Gandhi on Advani supporting RSS / April 15, 2009
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 I am delighted that A R Rahman and Resul Pookutty have won this year's much coveted Oscars for music and sound editing. I congratulate them 
— Sonia Gandhi reacting soon after Rahman and Pookutty won the Oscars
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 During Congress rule terrorism was countered effectively and firmly, whereas during the BJP regime terrorists were treated like guests and released in their own country. 
— Sonia Gandhi comparing terrorism during Congress and BJP rule
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 Lankan government had stopped combat operations against Tamils there due to the "resolute efforts" of the Manmohan Singh government. 
— Sonia Gandhi
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 The Third Front is an alliance of parties only to share power. How can such an alliance of these parties with contradictory views and interests forge together? To my mind it is like a pack of cards, which will fall even before it is built. 
— Sonia Gandhi on Third Front
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 I never felt they look at me as a foreigner... Because I am not, I am an Indian. 
— Sonia Gandhi on people accepting her as an Indian