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Sonam Kapoor Quotes

Indian film actress


Sonam Kapoor is known for her acting in Bollywood movies Saawariya and Delhi-6

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 Yes guys I do have typhoid.. I've been in bed for the last 10 days. Already feeling slightly better. 
— Sonam Kapoor in a twitter tweet confirming that she is suffering with Typhoid / September 18, 2010
 I am yet to decide what I shall be wearing for the Cannes Festival. I am depending totally on my designers. Though I am representing the brand, I will also be performing numbers from both the films Saawariya and Delhi-6 for the first time. 
— Sonam Kapoor representing India at the Cannes Film Festival / May 13, 2009
 She is the most beautiful woman in the world. Even if I can achieve a part of what she has done I shall feel that I have achieved something. There is no comparison between us as she is undoubtedly an Icon. 
— Sonam Kapoor on Aishwarya Rai / May 13, 2009
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 I have always chosen quality over quantity. Even my films which I have done represent quality over quantity 
— Sonam Kapoor on her movies / May 13, 2009

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