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Indian tennis player


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 Play a smarter schedule, but a better one that will help me peak at the right times for Slams and Davis Cup ties and at the same time, which would keep my mind as well as my body fresh. 
— Somdev Devvarman when asked what he learnt from this year / December 10, 2009
 One very big win for me was the one that helped me put India in the (Davis Cup). World Group. It wasn't one of my better performances with regards to my game. That was a very average match. But, given the conditions and the situation I was in, coming out with a win was one of the grittiest things I have ever done. I was very proud of my performance there. I don't see that very often. I would like to come out with that fight and energy and willpower in the coming season. If I do that, I will start playing really good tennis and everything else will take its place. 
— Somdev Devvarman on his best win in 2009 / December 10, 2009
 It's not practical at all. I would like to have my privacy. If WADA would like to test athletes then they should give a day's advance notice because honestly, I don't really know my schedule for the next day normally, so how can I inform someone else about it? 
— Somdev Devvarman row over whereabouts clause / August 2009

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