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Manager of Manchester United Football Club


Sir Alexander Chapman "Alex" Ferguson, Kt, CBE, is popularly known as Sir Alex or Fergie. Ferguson is a Scottish football manager and former player, currently managing Manchester United, where he has been in charge since 1986. Ferguson previously managed East Stirlingshire and St. Mirren, before a highly successful period as manager of Aberdeen. Briefly manager of the Scotland national team – in a temporary capacity owing to the death of Jock Stein – he was appointed manager of Manchester United in November 1986.

Sir Alex Ferguson Info

Full NameAlexander Chapman Ferguson
Date of BirthDecember 31, 1941
Place of BirthGlasgow, Scotland
Playing positionStriker
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 We invest in young players. That is what we are good at – we're not like other clubs who can spend fortunes on proven goods. We know that City are going to spend fortunes, pay stupid money, pay silly salaries and all that. We can't do anything about that. We concentrate on what we can do to try to bring players in for the right reasons. We invest in players who will be with the club for a long time, who will create the character of the club, who will create excitement for our fans, and we are very proud of that and we are going to continue that way. 
— Sir Alex Ferguson saying Manchester United will not spend money extravagantly like Manchester City / May 14, 2012
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 It's all right saying the history of the club is to attack all the time but it was a stupid performance and it's put us on the back foot, no question about that. If we lose the league, we'll have to accept it's the Everton game that did it. 
— Sir Alex Ferguson saying their 4-4 draw against Everton may cost them the Premier League title / May 05, 2012
 It’s true that City became rich in an incredible way, but it is not the fact that there is a new owner and new ambitions which necessarily change things. The difference is perhaps that we’re trying to build with youth. 
— Sir Alex Ferguson / April 24, 2012
 There is no doubt Harry Redknapp is the best man. He has the experience and personality and the knowledge of the game. He has changed the fortunes of every club he has been at. He is the right choice. 
— Sir Alex Ferguson saying Harry Redknapp is the best man to lead England / February 10, 2012
 He was hit on the top of the head with the ball in the early evening. When he was back at the hotel taking his meal he was sick. He had headaches, so we removed him to the hospital where he stayed in overnight. They did the MRI scans, released him yesterday and he travelled down today. Concussion is something you don't want to happen but usually time heals it and we'll give Javier plenty of that. We won't be rushing him back. I'll only bring him back when the doctor tells me I can. 
— Sir Alex Ferguson saying he won't rush Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez in their next Charity Shield match against Manchester City / July 28, 2011

 You cant get sentimental in this job. I love the players I’ve had. I’ve been very, very fortunate to have had great players. And I’ve been very fortunate to have had players come through with me for a long, long time. 
— Sir Alex Ferguson is not afraid to take hard decisions while at job, such as disposing of his senior players / June 27, 2011
 I didn’t sleep last night thinking about it, I woke up four times, picking different teams, 
— Sir Alex Ferguson admitting to losing sleep thinking about which team to pick for the semifinal against Schalke / May 04, 2011
 Clearly they represent the main danger to us achieving our ambitions in a revival of the rivalry of a few years ago. And I am sure they regard us as the major threat to their hopes. 
— Sir Alex Ferguson about their upcoming match against Arsenal / March 09, 2011