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 I feel like as a person, I am better as a couple, 
— Jennifer Love Hewitt hates being single / July 30, 2010
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 The other day I'd sold a million records in the US and I didn't have anyone to tell. It was actually a really lonely moment 
— Katy Perry / May 2009
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 I live this fantastic life, full of all these magical things, and at the end of the day all I want to do is pick up my phone and share it with someone. 
— Katy Perry / May 2009
 If people would just leave my personal life alone - because it's really not that interesting - then I could land a great role, but all the sicko fans and the noise is so distracting 
— Lindsay Lohan on her being a single lady again
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 Here's to being single . . . . My one true love right now is fashion! 
— Jennifer Love Hewitt On how she is enjoying being a single
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