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Pakistan Cricketer


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 Ups and downs are part of life. You have to be mentally strong enough to handle all the things and situations that come in your way. Sania has helped me a lot. She’s been playing international tennis for the past 12 years and her advice was invaluable. She’s a great life partner and her support has been brilliant, 
— Shoaib Malik credits his wife Sania Mirza for his comeback / August 23, 2011
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 I am not leaving the country. I will cooperate with the Indian government and the police till this matter is sorted. I will follow the rules, 
— Shoaib Malik saying he is in India to clear his name from the controversy surrounding his alleged first marriage to Ayesha Siddiqui / April 05, 2010
 Why is she hiding behind the camera and making accusations. Why doesn't she come in the open and say whatever she wants to. I am standing in front of all of you but where is she? Why is she giving long interviews from behind the screen, 
— Shoaib Malik asking why Ayesha is talking behind cameras / April 05, 2010
 Sania Mirza knows the truth and the family members from both sides are all happy about my wedding which is going to take place in Hyderabad on April 15, 
— Shoaib Malik / April 04, 2010
 In Islam, there can be a divorce, only if the nikah is valid. I was wrongly made to believe that the pictures Ayesha had sent me were of the girl I was marrying. I feel terrible about the mess, created by a family, that has caused great grief to my own people and the family of my bride-to-be 
— Shoaib Malik / April 04, 2010

 For any cricketer he is the perfect role model. The great thing about him is that he has been outstanding in both Tests and ODIs. As a Pakistani player, I know how much value we have always put on his wicket, 
— Shoaib Malik praising Sachin Tendulkar on scoring a double century in a ODI match / February 14, 2010

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