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Chief Minister of Delhi


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 I didn't get the support from the party which I should have. The party and the government went separate ways and that was a problem. There should have been more cohesion, 
— Sheila Dikshit after her loss in the 2013 Delhi assembly elections / December 09, 2013
 Yes. We knew of the Kejriwal factor but considering the corruption that came out in that party also we thought the people would understand. Sympathisers of any party have to also move forward, I think that's where we failed to some extent. it is one of the causes, not the only one. We need to retrospect, 
— Sheila Dikshit admits that Congress has underestimated the Aam Aadmi Party / December 08, 2013
 I am not even thinking of elections...I feel ashamed that I can't do anything 
— Sheila Dikshit saying she is ashamed of the Delhi 23-year-old girl gangrape incident / December 21, 2012
 I cannot possibly be praising a leader or a Chief Minister who has been accused by people of involvement in the Godhra riots where many innocent people were killed. The Godhra incident was communalisation. How can we Congress people even think of praising such a person? 
— Sheila Dikshit saying she cannot praise Narendra Modi who is accused of communal riots / February 01, 2012
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 Something may be dripping, some tiles may collapse, doesn't mean the entire Games are bad. 
— Sheila Dikshit / September 23, 2010
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 We are hoping that they will bring laurels to the city with their outstanding performances, 
— Sheila Dikshit about the Commonwealth Games / August 15, 2010
 I do not have any fear. I am not worried also, 
— Sheila Dikshit on the threat she received from an elderly woman in Delhi / May 09, 2010

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