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Australian fast bowler


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 People are probably disappointed and think I'm copping out and turning my back on my country, which is not the story at all. The reason I'm not playing first-class cricket and not playing as much cricket as people maybe think I should be, is because of my body. I'd love to be able to play all forms of the game but it's just not the case. 
— Shaun Tait on the reason why he is not playing first class cricket / February 18, 2011
 You try to do the best you can to keep your body right and stay on the park but you can't do anything about it. You read things and get a little bit cranky at times but who cares? It's my career, not theirs. There's going to be critics all the time and 'back in our day we were tougher' and all this sort of bollocks. 
— Shaun Tait on the reason why he is not playing first class cricket / February 18, 2011
 It's not something that I think about all the time but there's only certain moments when you're bowling, maybe even in your career, when you've probably got a chance to do it, Today it was my third ball and I had a crack the next ball after that just to have a go and I think after that it's hard to get back up to that pace. 
— Shaun Tait on recording the fastest ball on Australian soil / February 05, 2010
 I think when everything's feeling really good and your timing is right, I think you've only got two deliveries in a game to try and break a record like that. It's a pretty hard task. That's an amazing record. But anyway, I'll see how I go, keep pushing. Shoaib bowled whatever he bowled and that's amazing. I almost killed myself out there tonight. 
— Shaun Tait wants to break Shoaib Akthar's record for the fastest ball bowled / February 05, 2010
 I think it's freshness, to be honest, Looking back on it now, the decision that I've made at this stage to play the shorter form of the game has been a pretty solid one. I've been fresh for the majority of the games this season, apart from a couple maybe. I'm really enjoying the shorter form, the Twenty20s. 
— Shaun Tait is happy to quit from first class cricket to concentrate on shorter version of the game / February 05, 2010

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