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Sharon Osbourne Quotes

British music manager and promoter, author, television personality and presenter


Sharon Rachel Osbourne is a British music manager and promoter, author, television personality and presenter. She is the wife of singer-songwriter Ozzy Osbourne. She came into public prominence after appearing in The Osbournes, a reality television show that followed her family's daily life. Osbourne later became a judge on the talent shows The X Factor and America's Got Talent. Her autobiography, Extreme, has sold in excess of two million copies. After the success of The Osbournes and The X Factor, hosting her own chat shows and securing advertising contracts, Osbourne was ranked as the 25th richest woman in Britain on the 2009 Sunday Times Rich List.[3] Sharon and husband, Ozzy Osbourne, are currently ranked as the 724th richest people in Britain with an estimated joint wealth of £110 million. Sharon Osbourne is credited with reviving her husband's heavy metal career by founding the summer Ozzfest tour.

Sharon Osbourne Info

Birth nameSharon Rachel Levy
Date of BirthOctober 9, 1952
Place of BirthBrixton, London, England
OccupationsMusic manager, television personality, author
Spouse (s)Ozzy Osbourne (1982–present)
ChildrenAimee Osbourne (born 1983), Kelly Osbourne (born 1984), Jack Osbourne (born 1985)
Years active1991—present
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 The least? Oh that little blonde idiot. You know what she needs? She needs a good shtuping (Yiddish slang for sexual intercourse), she needs to get some humor there — it’s like, lighten up b**ch! 
— Sharon Osbourne about Elisabeth Hasselbeck / August 22, 2010
 Eating is my Achilles heel. I’m addicted to food and every day I wake up and think, ‘Today is the day that I’m not going to overeat.’ But that’s my thing in life, and I’m overweight, I am, but… 
— Sharon Osbourne is addicted to food / May 08, 2010
 I still have my big binges. Just the other weekend I was hiding from Kelly in the cupboard eating Maltesers; I can eat things in ridiculous amounts. And then I have to hide the wrappers because I know my other daughter Aimee will find them. 
— Sharon Osbourne is addicted to food / May 08, 2010
 Ozzy worries because of my health, but it’s my kids who get really upset. For example, Aimee wouldn’t even talk to me the other night because she was so upset about what I was eating. But nothing works for me. I have a very big self-destructive streak. Everybody has something, but I do everything to extremes. 
— Sharon Osbourne knows that her family gets upset with her health issues / May 08, 2010
 Bret is a good friend of mine. I am completely devastated by what has happened to him right now. It is just hideous. It makes you feel all these different feelings. Your heart goes out to his family. Your heart goes out to him. He is the nicest guy in the world. Then you start thinking of your own mortality. It makes you appreciate how lucky we all are. 
— Sharon Osbourne is devastated by Bret Michaels' Health Scare / April 26, 2010
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 I’ve had Kelly followed a couple of times. In the past she partied with some dubious characters and as a mother I was worried for her safety. I’d do it again, too. My kids will be 40 and I’ll still be having them followed! I had suspicions about this guy and the PI gave me a file on his background. I showed it to Kelly so she knew what he was really like. As you can imagine, it didn’t go down well at all. 
— Sharon Osbourne had her daughter followed a couple of times / April 18, 2010