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Shahrukh Khan Quotes

Bollywood actor and owner of IPL Kolkata Knight Riders team


Shahrukh Khan is an Indian actor and a prominent Bollywood figure, as well as a film producer and television host. Khan began his career appearing in several television serials in the late 1980s. He made his film debut in Deewana (1992). Since then, he has been part of numerous commercially successful films and has earned critical acclaim for many of his performances. Khan has won thirteen Filmfare Awards for his work in Indian films, seven of which are in the Best Actor category.

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 I really thought the film was about humanity. It's not about Islam, it could have been about any religion to be honest. But I simply thought we made a film about humanity. I knew it would do well but I didn't know it would this well because it is a very niche sort of a subject. 
— Shahrukh Khan on his film "My Name is Khan" / March 24, 2010
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 Learning Hollywood screenplay and technology is not about losing the intrinsic quality of our stories. We have to maintain our own cinematic individuality, 
— Shahrukh Khan saying there is lot to learn from Hollywood / March 17, 2010
 The big investment we are looking for from Hollywood is the training of mechanics for running machines for visual effects. We need to develop people who can make us our own cheaper, better and faster softwares for filmmaking and have a special branch of trained visual effect teams and talent here (in India), 
— Shahrukh Khan saying there is lot to learn from Hollywood / March 17, 2010
 The time has come to have a symbiotic relationship where we can both feed off the knowledge that we have instead of just the monies, 
— Shahrukh Khan saying there is lot to learn from Hollywood / March 17, 2010
 why serious about life. wot if one day we find out , we r all part of Gods one big hearty laugh...u will feel awful taking urself seriously 
— Shahrukh Khan in a tweet / March 07, 2010

 Nobody likes to lose. Sometimes you lose to win again, you fall to rise higher. We have miles to go and promises to keep. We will try and lift the IPL this year. Even though we are in Mumbai, we would take the trophy to Calcutta. I would also like to see Mumbai Indians do well, as also the other franchises, but I want our team to better than the others. 
— Shahrukh Khan on Indian Premier League / March 07, 2010
 John was a good coach, but I think communication (between him and the players) was a problem. We decided to change the coach in the best interest of the team. I felt sad to see him go. Probably, it was due to the language or the age factor. But Dav has worked with the Sri Lankan and Bangladesh teams and also been with the National Cricket Academy. So, communication has improved this time. 
— Shahrukh Khan when asked if Dav Whatmore is a better coach than John Buchanan / March 07, 2010
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