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Shahrukh Khan Quotes

Bollywood actor and owner of IPL Kolkata Knight Riders team


Shahrukh Khan is an Indian actor and a prominent Bollywood figure, as well as a film producer and television host. Khan began his career appearing in several television serials in the late 1980s. He made his film debut in Deewana (1992). Since then, he has been part of numerous commercially successful films and has earned critical acclaim for many of his performances. Khan has won thirteen Filmfare Awards for his work in Indian films, seven of which are in the Best Actor category.

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 No, I am very humble about what I am. I may talk about myself when I talk about my films otherwise I am very humble. I am very scared of rules and therefore always abide by them. Like everyone even I had those instances when I have been subjected to very thorough special security checking. 
— Shahrukh Khan / August 2009
 Obviously I think that there is no more important figure in history than Prophet Mohammad in the most positive way possible. Also, being a Muslim and standing up for the tenets of Islam is my most important agenda. If they (MAC) have seen my interviews on TV about Islam and Prophet Mohammad, they would know it's a writing error and not a thought or view that I believe in. 
— Shahrukh Khan on his comments that Prophet Mohammad as one of the most unimpressive personalities in history alongside Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. / June 19, 2009
 For all practical purposes, Prophet Mohammad is the most important positive figure in Islam 
— Shahrukh Khan / June 19, 2009
 You don't need just money to run KKR — we have our wonderful sponsors for that — what you need is love, and in that department I am the king 
— Shahrukh Khan on running Kolkata Knight Riders / May 25, 2009
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 Nobody has the passion and heart to buy a stake in Kolkata Knight Riders. I don't do fake. 
— Shahrukh Khan saying no one is interested to buy a stake in Kolkata Knight Riders / May 25, 2009

 I will talk to Lalit Modi to reconsider the decision,It is a ban related to his behaviour and I hope things get sorted out in our favour, 
— Shahrukh Khan on the ban on Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akthar / May 25, 2009
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 Dada is fantastic. He's the main cog of our team. He's the guy the team centres around 
— Shahrukh Khan on Sourav Ganguly in IPL 2009 / April 23, 2009
 Karan doesn't want to pay me what others pay me (which is lesser); so he said, 'I can't underpay you like this, (also he doesn't want to pay me!) so you be my partner.' So now, we are jointly producing the film 
— Shahrukh Khan on his decision to co-produce My Name is Khan with Karan / February 19, 2009
 I get a lot of hate mail which blame me for all the decisions taken within Kolkata Knight Riders. I've saved them and I want to go around to all the houses and say 'Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo' ... suck on this. 
— Shahrukh Khan on the hate mail he receive from Kolkata Knight Riders fans.
 There is a sense of competition with my kids because they in prizes for racing, taekwondo, riding ... I'll go home and show my kids that even I won two awards 
— Shahrukh Khan