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Serena Williams Quotes

American professional tennis player. Has won twenty Grand Slam titles: ten in singles, eight in doubles, and two in mixed doubles


Serena Williams Info

Date of BirthSeptember 26, 1981
Place of BirthSaginaw, Michigan
Height1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight75kg (165lbs)
ResidencePalm Beach Gardens, Florida
CountryUnited States
Turned pro1995
PlaysRight-handed (two-handed backhand)
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 My Thoughts and prayers to all who lost loved ones on 9-11. I know the entire country is with you today. I'm playing for you today. 
— Serena Williams on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks / September 11, 2011
 Thank you everyone for all of your prayers, concerns and support. This has been extremely hard, scary and disappointing. I am doing better now and working with my doctors to keep everything under control. 
— Serena Williams is back following her treatment for hematoma / March 02, 2011
 When I was younger I was always obsessed with nails. It kind of relaxes me. I’m always watching TV and kind of wasting time not doing much. So I joked with my sister and I said I’m going to nail school, the whole nines, and nobody believed me. I do nails for my mum. I do it for Venus, but she never sits still! 
— Serena Williams is becoming a nail technicial / September 28, 2010
 I’m looking for a guy who is close to his parents — his mom mostly because you can learn a lot about a guy by the way he treats his mom. And someone who loves themselves because if they take care of themselves, they are able to take care of you. I don’t like smokers, and of course people who disrespect their parents and families. Family is very important to me. When people meet me, I’m different in person I’m very nice and easy going. 
— Serena Williams / September 01, 2010
 When I get injured it's devastating because I know I won't be able to wear heels. I'm practically in tears, 
— Serena Williams about her foot injury / August 26, 2010

 I'm the complete not-normal athlete, and I often wonder how I got into sports because I hate working out. I hate running. I hate all that stuff," she laughed to the publication. I love doing my nails, reading, going to the movies and wearing high heels - the higher the better actually. 
— Serena Williams / August 26, 2010
 I'm super-curvy. I have big b**bs and this massive b**t. She's tall and she's like a model and she fits everything, 
— Serena Williams always used to compete with sister Venus Williams off the court as well / July 06, 2010
 I actually thought she would get through in the early rounds. I'm not surprised that I'm playing her. She's really, really good. Early in the tournament, I saw her playing a couple of rounds and I was like, 'wow, she's doing really well'. She was just hitting the ball so clean. When she beat Wozniacki I wasn't surprised, because I just saw how well she was playing. She's a really tough player, especially on grass. 
— Serena Williams is impressed by the form shown by Petra Kvitova in Wimbledon 2010 / July 01, 2010