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Red Bull Car driver


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 I think Jenson was unbeatable today, I'm very happy with second, it's a lot of points. They are the ones to beat the moment and we'll see what happens next week. 
— Sebastian Vettel after coming second in the Australian Grand Prix 2012 / March 18, 2012
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 Thanks to the team, it was crucial not to panic. It's a long season but sitting here on a Sunday afternoon in first position is a good feeling. Mark finishing second is a big plus for the team, lots and lots of points. I'm very very happy. 
— Sebastian Vettel after winning the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix / April 04, 2010
 I took the chance I had in to Turn One, it was quite late. Mark had a better exit but it's very slippery and we both tried to push. We both have respect for each other. After that it was a question about getting away from our competitors. Mark and I had the same pace although he was a bit quicker in the first stint. The second stint was extremely long and I didn't stop sweating but fortunately I didn't run out drinks. I was hoping for rain to cool down. But it stayed dry all the time, had a magnificent car just had to watch the tyres and pace myself. At the end of the day a very good result for us, especially for myself after those two races. 
— Sebastian Vettel after winning the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix / April 04, 2010
 I did a good job from (the) line and defended first position, I suddenly found there was a tailwind at a point where the track was very slippery. It was difficult to get the entrance to the corner right and I went wide. I lost the lead but, to be honest, they (Button and Brawn) were on a different planet today. 
— Sebastian Vettel after 2009 Turkish Grand Prix / June 2009
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 It is important to stop Brawn GP from winning, not just for us but for everyone,... We'd like to turn the whole thing around. 
— Sebastian Vettel / May 20, 2009

 For us all it is essential that we have a cockpit, in Formula One 
— Sebastian Vettel / May 20, 2009
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 It was a shame that Felipe ran out of fuel, but obviously I was happier to pass him than I had been for the previous 63 laps stuck behind him 
— Sebastian Vettel on Felipe Massa / May 11, 2009
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