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Junior United States Senator from Massachusetts


Scott Philip Brown, an American politician, is the junior United States Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Republican Party. Before his election, he served as a member of the Massachusetts General Court, first in the State House of Representatives (1998–2004) and then in the State Senate (2004–2010).

Scott Philip Brown Info

Date of BirthSeptember 12, 1959
Place of BirthKittery, Maine
Spouse (s)Gail Huff
ChildrenAyla Brown, Arianna Brown
ResidenceWrentham, Massachusetts
Political PartyRepublican
Alma materTufts University (B.A.), Boston College (J.D.)
ReligionChristian Reformed Church in North America
ProfessionPolitician, lawyer, soldier
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 It's something that made me who I am. It made me the protector of the family — whether (that) was true or not, that's how I felt. And the lesson here is that I did fight back and I did push back and I did have good people around me. And I was able to break out of that cycle. That's the message here. 
— Scott Philip Brown saying he was abused in childhood and that shaped his life / February 21, 2011
 I've been here 7 months and we've spent maybe 10 days talking about jobs? Am I living on another planet or something? 
— Scott Philip Brown / September 27, 2010
 When I got here, $11.95 trillion was the national debt, now it's what, $13.2? 
— Scott Philip Brown / September 27, 2010
 I didn't realize I was the head of a revolution. 
— Scott Philip Brown / September 2010
 I'm the newly elected Republican Senator from Massachusetts... Let me just say that one more time. I am the Republican Senator from Massachusetts. 
— Scott Philip Brown making an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington / February 19, 2010

 She does not want to meet with me, one-on-one, because I personally believe she's afraid to show that her policies are so out of touch with the citizens of Massachusetts who are footing the bill for the out-of-control spending in Washington. 
— Scott Philip Brown criticizing Coakley for not agreeing to more and for not agreeing to debate with him one-on-one / December 23, 2009
 During the primary Martha basically took a principled position on something that was very important to her, and I commended her for that, But she's already aban doned that principle. 
— Scott Philip Brown on Martha Coakley supporting the Health Care bill / December 21, 2009
 Ahmadinejad is a Holocaust denier who has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Meeting with him confers legitimacy when the only correct response is to treat him as an outcast 
— Scott Philip Brown on the Iranian Leader Ahmadinejad / December 13, 2009
 A personal meeting with Ahmadinejad as suggested by Martha Coakley would embolden him and be used as a propaganda tool to strengthen his position.'' 
— Scott Philip Brown on the Iranian Leader Ahmadinejad / December 13, 2009
 As our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel lives every day under the threat of terror, yet shares with America a dedication to democratic ideals, a respect for faith, and a commitment to peace in the region... To the extent possible, the Israeli government should seek to minimize the hardship it places on Palestinians but needs to put its own security first. 
— Scott Philip Brown / December 13, 2009