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Sarath Fonseka Quotes

Sri Lankan army chief


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 My order to the troops was to kill all terrorists. And they did that. Only the next day they were able to identify the bodies of terrorist leaders like Puleedevan, Nadesan among the bodies of those killed. There was no human rights violation or any illegal killings. If there are accusations, I am prepared to answer them in any court or tribunal on behalf of the troops. 
— Sarath Fonseka saying there is no human rights violation in the killings of LTTE / December 14, 2009
 We have now completed our task of liberating the north and east from terrorists 
— Sarath Fonseka / May 18, 2009
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 Sri Lanka is now free of the LTTE. We are one, united country 
— Sarath Fonseka saying Sri Lanka won the war against LTTE / May 18, 2009
 We intercepted transmission from LTTE communication system that he had got into an ambulance with two other leaders. Soon afterward, we spotted the ambulance and attacked. It was burnt. We recovered three bodies 
— Sarath Fonseka on Prabhakaran getting into an ambulance to escape / May 18, 2009
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 We have been fighting the LTTE non-stop from August 2006. Now the country is under one flag. We accomplished the mission 
— Sarath Fonseka on the war against LTTE / May 18, 2009
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 We have cleared the whole country of the LTTE. All the LTTE cadres have been killed. In the last battle at least 200 cadres were killed. The whole of Sri Lanka is now under the government. The LTTE has no control 
— Sarath Fonseka on the war against LTTE / May 18, 2009