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Sanjay Dutt Quotes

Bollywood actor, Samajwadi Party General Secretary


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 When I was in jail, the police used to use third degree on me. They used to torture me and say they were doing it because it because my mother was a Muslim. If someone is in police custody, the use of a baton can make him confess to anything. 
— Sanjay Dutt / April 15, 2009
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 Women should not stick to their fathers' surname after marriage just for the sake of fashion. It will be a disrespect for their husbands if they do so. 
— Sanjay Dutt / January 19, 2009
 I voted for my sister. She is my blood. She has done a lot of work in the constituency. 
— Sanjay Dutt saying he voted for her sister
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