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 We have 23 MPs with us and are the third largest party after the Congress and the BJP. If we offered our support to the Congress, it does not mean some of its leaders should throw stones at us. 
— Amar Singh / May 20, 2009
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 We take exception to news reports carried in the media ascribing motives to absence of Ram Vilas Paswan from the rally held in Rampur on May 11 
— Abdul Khaliq denying reports of cracks in LJP, SP and RJD coalition in UP and Bihar / May 12, 2009
 If no party gets a clear majority, the Samajwadi Party should be the biggest supporter for making the government. The Samajwadi Party this time wants to be a part of the government. 
— Mulayam Singh Yadav campaigning for SP Candidate Yashvir Singh / May 2009
 The people of the state (UP), especially the youth, farmers and traders are disappointed with the present government in UP. Taking into consideration their welfare, the party will support whoever dismisses the unconstitutional BSP government in the state. 
— Mulayam Singh Yadav
 As long as our arch rival BSP chief Mayawati is with the Left parties or the Third Front, we are not going for any post-poll alliance them 
— Amar Singh ruling out the possibility of any post-poll tie-up with the Third Front or left parties as long as BSP is with Third Front.