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Sam Worthington Quotes

English born Australian Actor, known for his roles in Avatar, Terminator Salvation.


Samuel Henry J. "Sam" Worthington is an English-born Australian actor. He is best known for his roles as Jake Sully in the 2009 film Avatar and Marcus Wright in Terminator Salvation. He will play Perseus in the feature film remake of Clash of the Titans, to be released in April 2010.

Sam Worthington Info

Birth nameSamuel Henry J. Worthington
Date of BirthAugust 2, 1976
Place of BirthGodalming, Surrey, England
Years active2000–present
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 I would be the simple fisherman in Perseus’ village. He lives a quiet life, brings in crab pots and is extremely happy. 
— Sam Worthington on which character he would trade lives with for a day / April 20, 2012
 Titans made a lot of money. A lot of people went and saw it. We've just got to make it right. I've just finished that. I loved it! I loved that experience. Clash 2 is so different, It was a different experience for me because I'd learned a lot from Clash 1, and I'd learned a lot from other movies. I can't wait for that to come out. 
— Sam Worthington about Clash of Titans 2 / August 14, 2011
 I know he's nutting out like a bible at the minute. sort of like a precursor of Avatar to just get himself back into the world and the mindset and the characters. That's how he works, it's very detailed and very weighty. But the story arc is huge. It's going to be amazing. I've talked to him, he's told me what his plans for the story are and it's huge, But he's not going to start until he raises the bar for himself, and he's in no rush. 
— Sam Worthington saying James Cameron is working on an Avatar bible for the film's possible sequels / August 13, 2011
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 The thing is the first film we got criticised a lot for, but now the good thing about the sequel is that we are not beholden to an original story and we can learn from the mistakes of the first and hopefully improve on it. I mean there is a surprise that we are making a sequel because of the critical drubbing. 
— Sam Worthington confirming that there will be sequel to his hit film Clash of the Titans / February 12, 2011
 I didn’t set out into this profession to become a star, but the ascent has been very rapid and I’m still pinching myself. I was at the Oscars with Jennifer Lopez and I felt like I was in a dream. But you just try to keep grounded. 
— Sam Worthington didn't become an actor to become famous / April 01, 2010

 It’s the good thing about being Australian, I think. We have a sensibility to keep our feet on the deck. All the tinsel of Tinseltown doesn’t really bother me. 
— Sam Worthington didn't become an actor to become famous / April 01, 2010
 The upside is that it’s very well ventilated. Look, Russell Crowe wore one for Gladiator, Eric Bana wore one for Troy, Mel Gibson wore one for Braveheart. I think it was the next logical step in my career. I think it’s something every young Australian actor has to do, isn’t it? You earn your chops for putting on the dress. 
— Sam Worthington likes wearing skirts / March 31, 2010
 The ones they gave me made me look like a hobgoblin. Jennifer Lopez would have tripped on them, and I would probably have fallen off the stage and ripped her dress. It would have been ridiculous, so I just kind of went with what was comfortable. I bought a pair of red ones for a few bucks at Payless, which was the closest store. I didn’t give a crap how they looked because they were comfy. But I guess the word spread, which is kind of cool. They sold every red pair they had. Now I guess I’m kind of the Payless poster boy. 
— Sam Worthington / March 31, 2010
 I’ve done that every time. It’s just for good luck really and mainly little things. It depends on the film. If there’s a specific thing that I’m attached to or that I sort of identify that project with, I steal it. 
— Sam Worthington steals from sets / March 30, 2010