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Salman Khursheed Quotes

Indian Minister for Corporate Affairs


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 Apart from inclusion of Vajpayee's name, the findings are right in holding the BJP responsible for the demolition. 
— Salman Khursheed on Liberhan Commission report for the Babri Masjid Demolition / December 07, 2009
 I don't think anyone in India has reached the level of liberalism where vulgarity is also a fundamental right... A minister should not be judging who deserves what salary. We are moving away from control to regulation. But it doesn't mean that you are going to be completely free. 
— Salman Khursheed / October 2009
 Understanding, they (Tech Mahindra) want to make the company viable and for that purpose, whatever steps they take, we will support them. 
— Salman Khursheed / June 09, 2009
 During the Shivam stage, some hard steps will be taken to rebuild confidence. We will try to be as sensitive as possible. We would certainly coordinate regarding layoffs. 
— Salman Khursheed / May 31, 2009
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 We will not allow the company to be taken for a ride. Our opinion and advice (are) important till Satyam reaches a Sundaram stage (till everything improves). 
— Salman Khursheed / May 31, 2009

 Layoffs is something we are not going to turn a blind eye on, as we have relevant presence in decision-making 
— Salman Khursheed saying government will not turn a blind eye on layoffs in Satyam Computers / May 31, 2009