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Sachin Tendulkar Quotes

Right-hand Indian Batsman, Captain of Mumbai Indian Cricket team


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is an Indian cricketer widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He is the leading run-scorer and century maker in Test and One Day International cricket. In 2002, Wisden ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, next to Donald Bradman, and the second greatest one day international (ODI) batsman of all time, next to Viv Richards. In September 2007, the Australian leg spinner Shane Warne rated Tendulkar as the greatest player he has played with or against. Tendulkar was the only player of the current generation to be included in Bradman's Eleven. He is sometimes referred to as Little Master or Master Blaster.

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 ...the memories you have left with me will always be with me forever and ever, especially "Sachin, Sachin" which will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing. 
— Sachin Tendulkar after playing his final test match / November 16, 2013
 For me the honour of being nominated as a Rajya Sabha MP matters much more than the perks and privileges like being given a government bungalow, 
— Sachin Tendulkar declines government bungalow after becoming a Rajya Sabha member / June 09, 2012
 When I retire is something I will decide because when I started it was not decided by someone else. Those who are advising me about retirement did not bring me into the team. I get my strength from my coaches and family. 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying he will only decide when to retire / March 25, 2012
 When I feel I don't have that, on that day, I will think of retirement. I feel those who say you should retire at the top are selfish, because when you are at the top, you should serve the country instead of retiring. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / March 25, 2012
 When this question was asked in 2007 [about the 2011 World Cup], it was tough for me to answer. It's the same situation: I don't know what to say about 2015. If people keep praying for me that means a lot. I will keep trying, the rest is in god's hands. I just want to enjoy the game. I don't want to set targets. 
— Sachin Tendulkar is not sure if he will play the 2015 Cricket World Cup / March 25, 2012

 My critics haven’t taught me cricket. I’d never take those people seriously. I have played the game because I love to play it and there’s nothing better than playing for India. I still get goose bumps when I stand with my teammates when the national anthem is on. I still feel the same passion when I pick up my bat and go out to bat. 
— Sachin Tendulkar doesn't take his critics seriously / March 23, 2012
 There was and is only one Rahul Dravid. There can be no other. I will miss Rahul in the dressing room and out in the middle. I have shared the best moments with him. Our many century partnerships are testimony to the hours we spent together in the middle, 
— Sachin Tendulkar in a tribute to Rahul Dravid / March 08, 2012
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 I still get goose bumps as I stand with my team-mates when the national anthem is on. I still feel the same passion when I pick up my bat and go out, 
— Sachin Tendulkar / March 2012
 I am not against DRS, but I feel it will be more effective with the support of the Snickometer and Hot Spot technology. This will give more consistent results. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on using DRS technology in cricket matches / June 16, 2011
 I just want to spend some time with my family. I have not had time with my children. If I don't spend time with them now, I would have to wait for one more year to do so. The kids are very thrilled because we hadn't discussed this with them, so they didn't know anything. It was a surprise for them 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his decision to skip the West Indies tour / June 01, 2011
 No Indian can forget that and, like any player, I too have dreamt of winning the World Cup for the country. By God's grace, we will achieve what we want to achieve. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on the World Cup / February 13, 2011
 It is always painful when the team loses, but our early exit in 2007 was particularly disappointing, 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his worst World Cup moment / February 13, 2011
 That was the most difficult stage of my life. At that moment my mom said that even my father would have wanted me to go back and play, because if I sit back at home then it would possibly be the worst thing. 'You have to go and play for your country, because that is the most important thing,' she said. And that made me strong. 
— Sachin Tendulkar recalling his century against Kenya after the death of his father during the 1999 World Cup / January 25, 2011
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 That support meant a lot, because it was a very difficult moment for our entire family; and to go and play a cricket match after just three days was not easy 
— Sachin Tendulkar recalling his century against Kenya after the death of his father during the 1999 World Cup / January 25, 2011
 The biggest lesson that I have learnt from my father was that he treated everyone equally, whether it was a big well-known writer who came to our place, or a sweeper. To me, that was the most important thing, because he was not only giving advice but also setting example. One of the most important advices that he gave me was that all things in life are temporary and everything has a deadline. But the only thing that will stay forever is your nature, because it stays till your last breath. So you should always behave properly, because that is something that stays with you always and is appreciated by people. And I am just trying to follow that advice, 
— Sachin Tendulkar on the lessons he learnt from his father / January 25, 2011
 It is his life and he has to decide what he wants to become. Just as I got freedom from my parents, I believe Arjun should also do things in life that he wants to do and he is passionate about. If you are passionate about something then you don't feel the workload, but if you feel the burden of something then you realise it is not your passion and you must look at something else. So I just want to make sure that whatever his passion is I will provide him the necessary guidance and help to achieve it, 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying he won't burden his son Arjun when it comes to choosing his career / January 25, 2011
 There are just 100 days to go and I am really looking forward to playing in another Cricket World Cup, 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 11, 2010
 In terms of limited-overs cricket, the ICC Cricket World Cup is the highest level you can play so it is always a thrill to take part in such an important and widely followed event. The fact that the 2011 event will be staged here in the sub-continent makes it even more special for me and I am keen to ensure we play well. As a team we would be doing everything we can to win the world cup on home soil, 
— Sachin Tendulkar said of the 2011 Cricket World Cup / November 11, 2010
 I feel it is about building teams, not breaking teams. We have really worked hard to build this team and have got together brilliantly. In the third year we held a couple of camps, which had nothing to do with cricket. It was just about getting together and building team spirit. 
— Sachin Tendulkar is unhappy with fresh IPL player auction / September 21, 2010
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 Right from the management and the owners, Mr and Mrs Ambani, they have all put in a lot of effort along with the players, and then you realise that the team has to change. It's tough to accept that. 
— Sachin Tendulkar is unhappy with fresh IPL player auction / September 21, 2010
 I don't know, it's not my job to figure what's right or wrong, but I feel if a player is happy to play for a particular team, it's good he stays with that team. There's some sort of identity with that team. We have a huge following now and it's also an attachment with a particular team. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on the new retention formula in the IPL / September 21, 2010
 There will be ups and downs but you just have to have your faith in players because the same lot got us the World Cup. We should not forget that we are still the number one team in the world. 
— Sachin Tendulkar defending the Indian team despite their exit from the Twenty20 World Cup / May 13, 2010
 The players have been training hard. They know and understand their responsibilities. Sometimes thing clicks, sometimes not." 
— Sachin Tendulkar defending the Indian team despite their exit from the Twenty20 World Cup / May 13, 2010
 I m involved with 'Sachin's crusade against cancer', helping Dr Jagannath raise funds for children with cancer. Hope we get a good response 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his twitter page / May 06, 2010
 Can't believe the response I got in such a short time.Had a wonderful dinner with my close friends tonight.The evening was superb.Goodnight 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his twitter page / May 05, 2010
 Hand not completely healed. In the IPL final i got a few hard knocks on the same spot while fielding. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his twitter page / May 05, 2010
 Finally the original SRT is on twitter n the first thing I'd like to do is wish my colleagues the best in the windies, 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his twitter page / May 04, 2010
 About retaining players, my personal thoughts are that we should be allowed to retain four India players and four foreign players. As for domestic players, it should be up to the franchisees. I feel it's a tough call because all teams have made huge efforts in building a good side. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on retaining players in the next IPL season / April 23, 2010
 It's not an overnight result. For three years everyone has been working on what's the best combination. Even a player's identity is important. We have to look into these things and then have some changes. I hope there are not too many changes. 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying IPL franchisees should be allowed to retain 8 players in the next IPL season / April 23, 2010
 It's a big stage but it's not about proving a point to someone that I can manage captaincy. I have never played for that. The runs I have scored in all forms of the game, I was not trying to prove something to someone. I have just played because I enjoyed playing and loved playing and the passion for cricket is there. I have just done that and while doing that all this has happened. 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying he has nothing to prove to his critics in regard to his captaincy / April 23, 2010
 I think when that competitiveness is witnessed by millions, you leave all those things behind. Life is not always a smooth journey. There are some rough patches in between and you overcome all those hurdles and I am sure cricket will help overcome all those hurdles. 
— Sachin Tendulkar is not worried about the IPL controversy / April 23, 2010
 My hand at this moment is not great. I have five stitches on the webbing and on my other hand there is swelling on the little finger. I have to just wait and see if I can hold a cricket bat, and the rest will follow. But the first thing I have to see is whether I will be able to hold a cricket bat and take the impact, because the stitches won't come off for the next eight days. I have to give my best and hope for the best. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his injury that he sustained during the semifinal match at IPL 2010 / April 23, 2010
 The guys have worked really hard and all the guys have chipped in. It's teamwork. It's not just the players on the field but also the extras sitting on the bench who have sacrificed a lot; also the support staff, right from the owners to the physios, coach, everyone. 
— Sachin Tendulkar crediting team work of Mumbai Indians on reaching the final of 2010 IPL / April 23, 2010
 It is an emotional moment. I am very attached to Rajbhai and today it gives me immense pleasure to have his portrait here. It is indeed an honour and I am grateful to the president to have chosen me to do this honour, 
— Sachin Tendulkar unveiling Dungarpur's portrait at the Cricket Club of India / March 24, 2010
 In my cricketing career, Rajbhai has been an integral part right from the school days. He was one of the seniors instrumental in giving me various opportunities. For any player, however talented you are, you need the opportunities and need the right platform. Rajbhai provided that to me, 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying Raj Singh Dungarpur had shaped his career / March 24, 2010
 He sent me to England in 1986, my first overseas tour. Rajbhai's dream was to see some big matches here again. Unfortunately, Test match returned to the venue after he passed away. I know Rajbhai is around us and enjoying the moment, 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying Raj Singh Dungarpur had shaped his career / March 24, 2010
 Yes. I will not be playing the ICC world T20. I have not played T20 internationals from 2007 onwards and I do not think it should become an issue now, 
— Sachin Tendulkar confirming that he will not play in the 2010 Twenty20 World Cup / March 23, 2010
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 We lost wickets at regular intervals and because of that we couldn't carry any momentum forward. There were too many dot balls, and in the end we ended up 15-20 runs short of what we would have liked to get, 
— Sachin Tendulkar on losing to Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2010 Indian Premier League / March 20, 2010
 There is no need to panic at this moment, and we need to trust our strengths and look at our weaknesses. Rayudu and Tiwary have been good, and will continue to be good. Pollard too, will fire during the tournament. Sometimes the expectations are too high, and too soon we expect too many big things. But I am sure it will happen. 
— Sachin Tendulkar feels there is no need to panic yet / March 20, 2010
 Like any other senior player in the team, I am always willing to help youngsters. I feel that the inputs of younger players are also important. I have learnt a lot from them. The more you talk with them, the more you learn. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / March 16, 2010
 Pathan played well. I thought his run out by Sathish was smart thinking and the turning point in the match. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on their win against Rajasthan Royals in their first match of IPL 2010 / March 13, 2010
 It has taken many years for a batsman to get a double-hundred (in ODIs). I am still getting great feedback. It feels terrific, 
— Sachin Tendulkar is still receiving congratulatory messages for his double century / March 09, 2010
 whenever it comes. It will be never late, I don't make big statements. 
— Sachin Tendulkar when asked when his fans would see a triple century from him in test cricket / March 09, 2010
 I wanted to play cricket whole-heartedly for the country. I am living my dream and have played with two-three generations. I wanted to be a special member of the team and I have done it, 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his passion for the game / March 09, 2010
 Winning a match is important for a coach but a big part of the job is helping to develop a solid, responsible young player who is able to become an upstanding citizen. Parivartan will use India's most popular sport to teach boys how to be respectful towards women and, in turn, help reduce violence against women. 
— Sachin Tendulkar will now lend help in preventing domestic violence against women. / March 08, 2010
 The support should be stronger in times when the team is going through tough phases. 
— Sachin Tendulkar supporting the Indian Hockey Team / March 2010
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 I've never taken anything for granted in cricket. It's a funny old game, the moment you feel that everything is in the right place, things start to go wrong. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / March 2010
 I need the good wishes of the people. If somebody gives me an award, I would have to respect the sentiments behind it. It is the prayers of the people that has helped me in my career, 
— Sachin Tendulkar after scoring the first double century in the history of ODI cricket / February 24, 2010
 I do not play for records. I enjoy my cricket and I play with passion. I have done this for 20 years. 
— Sachin Tendulkar after scoring the first double century in the history of ODI cricket / February 24, 2010
 I realised I had a chance when I got to 180 with so many overs left. 
— Sachin Tendulkar when asked about his double century in an ODI match / February 24, 2010
 I knew I would get my chance in the over. I will remember this innings. But I will not compare it with my other efforts. Each innings is different, the circumstances are different. No record is unbreakable. But I would be happy if an Indian breaks my record. 
— Sachin Tendulkar will be happy if his record was broken by an Indian / February 24, 2010
 We have been bonding very well and there is great spirit within the side, 
— Sachin Tendulkar on coach Gary Kirsten / February 24, 2010
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 It feels good that I lasted for 50 overs, a good test of my fitness. I'd like to bat another 50 overs at some stage and see that the fitness level doesn't drop. The ball was coming onto the bat and I was striking the ball well. So when everything falls into its place, it feels nice. It was one of the innings where I felt I was moving well. Since I was timing the ball well, I could be more aggressive and put pressure on the bowlers. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on lasting 50 overs in the second ODI against South Africa / February 24, 2010
 I thought a target of 340-350 would be a good one, but Yusuf Pathan and MS Dhoni came in and hit the big shots and cleared the ropes consistently and helped us pass 400. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on India scoring 401 in the second ODI / February 24, 2010
 This was the team that chased 434 against Australia. So we didn't get complacent and told ourselves that we had just got through the half-way stage by scoring 401. And what we did in the second half was extremely important. We were aiming at getting early wickets and putting them out of the game. 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying that India was not complacent after scoring 401 and are aware of South Africa's capabilities / February 24, 2010
 This is a reflection of what we have been able to achieve in the last 20 months or so. It is a special day for me and all the Indians. It is great to be sitting at the top. I feel privileged to be a part of all the Indian teams I played with. I don't want to compare and I respect all the players. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on India becoming World No. 1 Test team / December 06, 2009
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 I was in the dressing room in Cuttack during our match against England when we saw it. At first I felt they were showing a movie. Things like this happening in India... in our own Mumbai....I went numb for sometime 
— Sachin Tendulkar recalling the 11/26 Mumbai Attacks / November 26, 2009
 Places like the Taj, Oberoi, CST where there are always so many people being attacked. I remember going there (to CST) by train as a child. All these places are very part of myself. When these places are attacked, you are hit personally 
— Sachin Tendulkar recalling the 11/26 Mumbai Attacks / November 26, 2009
 I know many people who lost their near and dear ones in the terror attacks, including my children's friends. It is hard to believe that they are not among us. 
— Sachin Tendulkar recalling the 11/26 Mumbai Attacks / November 26, 2009
 I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that. But I am an Indian first. And Mumbai belongs to all Indians. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 15, 2009
 It was a long journey and what I did after that was a reflection of my contribution to the game in the country. Playing for the country was my childhood dream and I have fulfilled my dream. I am fortunate to have played for my country for so many years. 
— Sachin Tendulkar who completes 20 years of playing international cricket on Nov 15, 2009 / November 14, 2009
 The most significant change is that a lot of innovative shots which were occasionally used are being played by the batsmen regularly now. 
— Sachin Tendulkar who completes 20 years of playing international cricket on Nov 15, 2009 / November 14, 2009
 Twenty years is a long time and I have many special moments and it would be difficult to count them. But the first Test and the first day walking out in the playing XI in Pakistan probably was the greatest moment. 
— Sachin Tendulkar who completes 20 years of playing international cricket on Nov 15, 2009 / November 14, 2009
 There is a lot more risk taking by the players now. Nowadays 275 on a good pitch is not a great score. The same is the case in Tests also. There are lot more results now than in the past. People used to get bored of Test cricket at one point because there were few results but nowadays it has become more entertaining. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 14, 2009
 I have changed a lot. I am trying to improve in every game. It's a never ending process as everyday is a fresh challenge. It's a hard job to be on your toes everytime. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 14, 2009
 A combination of factors has made me remain focussed on the game. My parents, brothers, sisters and wife supported me all through. My mother does not know cricket but will pray for my success and for the country. I discussed cricket with my elder brother a lot. The other brother and sister also supported me. That is the reason why I was able to last a long time. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 14, 2009
 The affection and support from the cricket fans of the country was immense. You need people to share your success and I have a billion people. That is more than enough for me. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 14, 2009
 There is nothing like playing cricket. I like to play matches all season. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 2009
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 (If I had not become a cricketer) maybe, I would have become a tennis player. Maybe, I would have won a grand slam. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 2009
 I have enjoyed every moment of it (cricket career). The passion to play remains. Getting injured can be a part of your sporting career, but I am grateful to God that I have managed to stay fit most of the time. I take pride in having played with some wonderful cricketers. Playing for India has been a great privilege indeed. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 2009
 I am not pleased yet with what I have done... Sunil Gavaskar has told me that I have to get to 15,000 runs. He said he would be angry with me and would come and catch me if I didn't. I admire him so much and to score that many would be a terrific achievement, but that is not the only aim. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / August 2009
 I always play in pain, all the time. I played with a broken finger for the last three months, but you know when pain is manageable or not, and most of the time I can do it... I can still do what I did when I was 25 but the body is changing, so your thought process has to change too. I have had to change how I think, which is about taking less risk. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / August 2009
 It is only his opinion; John Buchanan doesn't have to be right all the time. If I couldn't handle short deliveries, then I wouldn't still be scoring runs... Maybe he needs to change his opinion. There must be something very wrong with all the bowlers around the world that they have allowed me to score so many runs. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on John Buchanan saying Sachin is susceptible to the short ball early in his innings because of a lack of footwork. / August 2009
 I would say Virender Sehwag comes closest to my style. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / August 2009
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 I will know when it is the right time, I won't have to be dragged away. I am the person who will make the decision and I will know whether I still belong. 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying he hasn't thought about retiring yet / August 2009
 It's a scary thought. It has been there for my whole adult life, it will be difficult, I have been around for a long time, I can imagine when I finish I will long to face just 10 more balls but you have to move. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on the thought of retiring / August 2009
 I feel there are very high emotions among the people when they react. But do these reactions help us to play better? not really. These actually put more pressure on the players. We have got to be mature and be with the team 
— Sachin Tendulkar urging fans to react with responsibility on India's loss in the 2009 World Cup / June 17, 2009
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 No one can change the past but always can learn from it and do better in future. I think, We should react to the success and failures with lot of responsibility and balance. If we do that it becomes easier for everyone 
— Sachin Tendulkar on India not qualifying for the semis in the 2009 Twenty20 World Cup / June 17, 2009
 I am also disappointed along with the nation. I am sure that the guys planned and tried well, but things sometimes don't click, Disappointment will be there. But I am sure the team will put the best step forward to get the rhythm again. If everyone back home stands behind them, the team may become a formidable one 
— Sachin Tendulkar on India not qualifying for the semis in the 2009 Twenty20 World Cup / June 17, 2009
 People will have opinions but that doesn't mean they are correct. They are only opinions and I have bigger things to deal with. Guys that have all the time in the world to discuss these things, discuss them. I don't 
— Sachin Tendulkar / June 03, 2009
 Given the things that have happened in my life it would have been easy to get carried away, There were times when I felt that, yeah, I should bunk practice and spend time with my friends and go out for a movie. But my coach would turn up and make me sit on his bike and take me all the way to practice, I have made an effort. It doesn't happen automatically 
— Sachin Tendulkar / June 03, 2009
 The team has got some world class players as well, Form can sometimes go down and you may not play well at times. But I believe a world class player is always a threat to the opposition. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on the Indian Twenty20 team / May 30, 2009
 Throughout this tournament in South Africa, we have lose the crunch moments. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on failing to reach the semi-finals in IPL 2009 / May 16, 2009
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 We won one and lost one. It seems to be becoming a trend. We have to life ourselves. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on their recent performances in Indian Premier League / May 2009
 I never thought that I would play the ICC World Twenty20. MS Dhoni and his Twenty20 team have done wonderfully well and I just hope they continue to do so. I have no plans to play T20 for India 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying he has no plans to play T20 for India / May 2009
 There are no better people than Shaun and Jonty to tell us about the conditions. 
— Sachin Tendulkar Crediting Shaun Pollock and Jonty Rhodes for their win against Chennai Super Kings in the IPL 2009 opener. / April 19, 2009
 Statistics could be a form of reflection of what a player has contributed but for me it is about enjoyment and not statistics. 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying he is not playing cricket to prove anything to anybody. / April 19, 2009
 I am glad that it can't breathe. There is so much detail in the work... I did not know what to say 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his wax statue created by Madame Tussaud's in Mumbai / April 14, 2009
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 It's an achievement. Everyone is happy. The entire country has supported us. It was victory after 41 years. 
— Sachin Tendulkar On India's series win in New Zealand after 41 years. / April 09, 2009
 It feels Great because Madame Tussauds is known to include only those who've achieved something great in their lives... 
— Sachin Tendulkar on Madame Tussauds wax statue of Sachin
 I think individually the boys are doing well. Look at Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS... In the bowling department, Zaheer was doing well before he got injured and R.P. Singh has come up in leads and bounds. 
— Sachin Tendulkar praising the Indians who are doing well in IPL 2009
 People sometimes throw stones and I converted them into milestones. 
— Sachin Tendulkar after surpassing Brian Lara's record 11953 test runs.
 Statistically, I have passed Don Bradman but I can't be compared with him. 
— Sachin Tendulkar
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 Cricket is something very, very special to me. It has never been about owning this or that car and the other things that come with this life. 
— Sachin Tendulkar
 An obsession with money or worldly matters was always thumbed down. My only dream was to wear the Indian cap and the Indian colours. In that respect, my childhood dreams have come true. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on playing for India
 My father, who died in 1999, was never a cricket fan, not at all. He was a writer and a poet: he taught Marathi, my mother tongue, at the local university. But he understood exactly how to get the best out of me. He always encouraged me and told my mother that he had full faith in me. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his father
 It was probably reverse psychology, but as I got older I felt like I could not misuse that trust. He warned me against taking short cuts and told me to just keep playing, despite the ups and downs. My parents taught me that it is important to live every day of your life with grace and honour. When it came to choosing between cricket and going to university, he said: "You can play cricket, I know that is your first love, so go for it. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his father's encouragement to pla cricket
 I was the only one supporting John McEnroe -- everyone used to call me "Mac" because I styled myself on him. I made my father buy me the same headbands and sweatbands and even grew my hair long. You wouldn't believe the pictures of me from that time. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on Sachin supporting John McEnroe
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 I was also extremely naughty. Very, very difficult to handle. I had a nanny who used to run after me virtually 24 hours a day, because I never wanted to go home. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on being naughty as a kid
 My big sister gave me a bat after returning from a trip to Kashmir, which is known for its high-quality willows. It wasn't the best bat, but it was like a piece of gold to me. I used to imagine myself batting for India, hitting fours and sixes, the people cheering. I used that bat until it broke. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his sister
 I myself want to learn to play the guitar because I just love music and I want to learn to play at least one good musical instrument. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on wanting to play guitar
 I didn't want to prove a point, cause bowlers always want to make a statement and my job is to go out and score runs for India. 
— Sachin Tendulkar
 I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter the ground it's a different zone altogether and that hunger for winning is always there. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on losing
 I find it difficult to sleep even after all these years because my mind is constantly working and that is the way I have always prepared. 
— Sachin Tendulkar
 I just keep it simple. I watch the ball and play it on merit. I want to give my six hours of serious cricket on the ground and then take whatever the result. 
— Sachin Tendulkar
 At least with me, the match starts much, much earlier than the actual match. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his preparation before a match
 Beating Pakistan is always special because they are a tough team and we have a bit of a history regarding Pakistan. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on defeating Pakistan
 She has been like a protective wall for me. She is the one on whom I can take out all my frustrations, pains and sorrows, but she has always stood by me and I am grateful for that. It has helped me become a lot more patient. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on his wife Anjali