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Russell Crowe Quotes

Australian Film actor, who won the Academy award for his role in the movie Gladiator


Russell Ira Crowe is an actor and musician. He is born in New Zealand and is a naturalized Australian. Russell Crowe began his acting career in the early 1990s. He appeared in TV series like Police Rescue and films such as Romper Stomper. Russell Crowe has been nominated for three Oscars. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2001 for his role in the film Gladiator. Crowe is also the co-owner of National Rugby League team the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Russell Crowe Info

Birth nameRussell Ira Crowe
Date of BirthApril 7, 1964
Place of BirthWellington, New Zealand
OccupationsActor, singer, songwriter
Spouse (s)Danielle Spencer (2003-present)
Years active1986–present
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 I hung out with Jay-Z and Kanye while they were recording in Sydney. I met up with Jay backstage at Oprah and he said Kanye would appreciate it if I popped in, so I spent an hour with them late one night. Beyonce was there as well. We were just listening to the new tracks that Jay is producing for Kanye. The songs are spectacular. 
— Russell Crowe hung out with Jay-Z and Kanye West in Sydney / February 24, 2011
 I don’t mean a typical Hollywood film that happens to be set in India, but a Bollywood film. The script would have to be right, and I’d have to understand completely what I was doing. But I fancy having a go. I can do my own singing and I can dance a little bit. I’m in no hurry. If something comes my way, fine; if it doesn’t, so be it. 
— Russell Crowe is looking for a role in a Bollywood movie / May 14, 2010
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 If you’re carrying the weight of a production on your shoulders, you can tend to get a little serious. I had a very intense decade making movies. Everything about my life came down to what happened between action and cut. I was proving myself as an actor. I’m a lot calmer now. 
— Russell Crowe is a lot calmer now a days / May 13, 2010
 There’s a reincarnation in everybody’s life, and I’m not talking about being raised from the dead. It doesn’t matter what your job is, whether you work in a restaurant or a garage, you can get to a point where you focus so completely on your work that you forget that there’s more important things than that. I think, particularly in the West, we have this thing of living to work. But now I get to experience a type of joy that I never had before. 
— Russell Crowe finally figured out what's important in his life / May 13, 2010
 I’m in a continuous death battle with my own body — I injured myself a lot on Gladiator, I actually injured myself on a silly little ice hockey movie called Mystery, Alaska, because I’d never skated, I’ve got wrist injuries and hand injuries from doing so much boxing. I’ve got stuff all over the place. 
— Russell Crowe admitting that being an action hero is taking toll on his body / April 27, 2010
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 There are no tights in this film. They weren’t invented until quite a few hundred years after when the story takes place. We start our story in 1199. Tights don’t come into play until the 1600s. I do apologize to those who will be disappointed that there are no tights. 
— Russell Crowe / April 15, 2010
 Cigarettes, for sure. I’m not really trying. What I’m doing is trying to bring it closer to the forefront of my mind every day. Spending too long at the computer is starting to become a big deal. I live in Australia but my businesses are in so many other parts of the world, I tend to spend way too many hours on a daily basis answering e-mails. 
— Russell Crowe on his bad habits / April 12, 2010
 I don’t [use them]. I’ve been thinking that it might be interesting for people to follow because you’re tweeting from country to country and seeing different things every day. 
— Russell Crowe doesn't use Facebook or Twitter / April 12, 2010