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Junior United States Senator from the state of Illinois, and a Democrat


Roland Wallace Burris is the third Black U.S. Senator from Illinois, after and is currently the only African-American in the U.S. Senate.

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Date of BirthAugust 3, 1937
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 I have not sought to be a candidate. I have sought to be a senator. I think I can be a very good candidate once I become understanding and be a good senator. 
— Roland Burris / May 08, 2009
 When I was running for governor [in 2002], I led in the polls. I'm not governor. My friend Barack Obama, where was he in the polls? He's now the President of the United States. 
— Roland Burris on Barack Obama / May 07, 2009
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 The media now is almost destroying my character 
— Roland Burris / February 16, 2009
 I've always conducted myself with honor and integrity. At no time did I ever make any inconsistent statement. 
— Roland Burris / February 16, 2009
 I did not donate one single dollar nor did I raise any money or promise favors of any kind to the governor. 
— Roland Burris / February 15, 2009

 Reasonable people can and will arrive at different decisions. They should not be faulted for doing their best to serve our state in the best way they thought possible. 
— Roland Burris / January 13, 2009
 I feel I am a solution to the problem of the people of Illinois. I have served them for 16 years in elected office, and I have an opportunity to serve them again 
— Roland Burris / January 06, 2009
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