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Roger Federer Quotes

Swiss Tennis player


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 I feel like they've adopted me, 
— Roger Federer on the crowd at the 2009 French Open / June 03, 2009
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 At this stage, I expected I would be in semifinals, but I was not expecting Rafa to be out before the semifinals. 
— Roger Federer on reaching semifinals at the 2009 French Open / June 03, 2009
 Not really. Sure, he has a good chance to make the finals. But at the same time, Davydenko has a chance as well. 
— Roger Federer does not think Andy Murray can make it to finals of 2009 French Open / June 02, 2009
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 I know Gael now. I've played several times against him. He's always got his ups and downs. You know, his attitude, as well, is up and down. You never know what to expect with Gael. But his game is quite solid now. He's calmer than he was in the past when he would play his first Roland Garros tournaments. 
— Roger Federer on Gael Monfils / June 02, 2009
 I knew I was going to look back on that shot. That saved me on that day, you know. That's exactly what happened, and I was able to turn around the whole match. It's a great feeling, because I was in quite some danger right there. 
— Roger Federer after saving a break point and beating Tommy Haas later in the fourth round of French Open at Paris / June 01, 2009

 I was struggling throughout the first two and a half sets from the baseline. I was serving all right, and that was keeping me in the match 
— Roger Federer on the fourth round match against Tommy Haas / June 01, 2009
 After this big forehand, the inside out point. I said, That's a turnaround. That's a turnaround, the inside out. The forehand 
— Roger Federer on the forehand that saved him the match / June 01, 2009
 I think if you make it to the final, then it's a different scenario because whoever I play then I probably have a decent record against, which wouldn't be the case with Rafa, knowing that he has all the experience and the confidence of winning here 
— Roger Federer / June 2009
 This is not my priority right now. ... For me, it's about the majors, really, right now. 
— Roger Federer when asked if he is following the ATP points and ranking / June 2009
 It's (keeping cool) even more important for her than for me, She likes watching me when I play. She wants to be here for each and every single match, but it's too warm. Maybe if she needs a bit of fresh air, no problem. 
— Roger Federer concerned about the heat and his pregnant wife Mirka / June 2009