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 It felt good from the start and was able to maintain that level of play. I never thought he got into the match at all. That gives you obviously even more confidence. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Denis Istomin in the second round of BNP Paribas Open 2013 / March 09, 2013
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 He beat me fair and square tonight. No regrets from me. I think Andy was a bit better than I was tonight. I think overall he probably created more chances than I did. I had difficulties getting into his service games time and time again. 
— Roger Federer after his semi-final loss to Andy Murray at 2013 Australian Open / January 25, 2013
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 Obviously, Novak goes in as the favourite, I would think, even though Andy beat him at the US Open. Andy's had an easy run until the semis, until tonight. Maybe, it's something that Andy needed going into the final. Novak is the double defending champion here. He's done really well again this tournament, digging himself out of the hole against Stan [Wawrinka], coming and playing good tennis against Berdych and Ferrer. So obviously a tough match again. 
— Roger Federer believes Novak Djokovic is the favorite to win the Australian Open 2013 titles / January 25, 2013
 We do a lot throughout the year by ourselves for our own charities. Obviously, it's great to be all together, in one place, for one cause, and that's the Great Ormond Street Hospital tonight. I'm happy that we're hopefully going to be able to raise a lot of money for the many kids that need it. I'm very thrilled and I hope we can raise a lot of money. 
— Roger Federer in a fund raising event before the ATP World Tour Final along with the rest of the players / November 03, 2012
 Overall, I did feel my very best coming into the semis today. I was where I wanted to be, but ran into an opponent who was just better today. Still, it gives me a little bit of a lift coming into the grass-court season now. 
— Roger Federer after losing to Novak Djokovic in straight sets in the semifinal of French Open 2012 / June 09, 2012
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 Really it's unbelievable that I never thought I would come so far. It's been a great week so far, and it's another opportunity tomorrow to make it even more special. Obviously conditions were tough today, and against one of my greatest rivals, it's always nice if you come out on top, so I'm very, very happy. 
— Roger Federer is pleased to make it to the final at Indian Wells / March 17, 2012
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 I have a very good friendship with Ljubicic, and it’s been sad seeing him retiring really since I’ve known about it for quite some time, 
— Roger Federer said of Ivan Ljubicic retiring from ATP World Tour / March 07, 2012
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 It’s a tournament that I’ve grown to love a lot over the years... I used to like coming here, but I wasn’t a crazy golfer when I was younger or liked the peace and calmness. I was more a guy who liked New York or Miami or sort of places where something was happening, especially as a teenager, so when I came here it was almost a bit too quiet for me. As time went by, I like these weeks where it’s a bit more calm, weather’s nice, things slow down a bit before the hustle and bustle in other places… Obviously with the success that I’ve had, I started to spend more time here. I got to like it a lot. It’s a good place. 
— Roger Federer has grown to appreciate his visits to Indian Wells tournament in California / March 07, 2012
 It's great. There is no substitute to confidence, 
— Roger Federer after winning his fifth Dubai Championships title / March 03, 2012
 It was a tough weekend for us. I did have a day to sort of recover on Sunday and just weather the press because it was taken completely the wrong way, me blaming Stan. I would never do that and it was just an unfortunate weekend. There were many different circumstances leading to our defeat. First and foremost, I think the Americans played really well. 
— Roger Federer saying he was misunderstood and he did not blame Stanislas Wawrinka for Switzerland's loss in the Davis Cup to US / February 14, 2012
 I played well enough in doubles, but Stanislas not so much, didn’t have his best match in singles; it’s a shame, because of that defeat, we weren’t able to put the U.S. under pressure. 
— Roger Federer on Switzerland's loss to US in Davis Cup / February 11, 2012
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 I still feel like the top four guys are going to play well again. The question is just whom. There you have what you say, you're not sure what's going to happen next. 
— Roger Federer saying there are no clear favorites for the Australian Open Grand Slam this year / January 14, 2012
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 It was nice to have some time off after the Davis Cup in Australia. I felt like I had to get away a little bit and take care of a few things. Now my body is ready and I'm looking forward to this week in Basel. 
— Roger Federer is looking forward to play in Swiss Indoors Basel / October 29, 2011
 Well, honestly, I feel very well. I think I move very well. I'm never stressed. If there is a ball that you miss, it's just because the other one played it very well, and not because I made a mistake or I played bad tennis on the return, on my serve. That's why I'm very happy at the moment with my game. 
— Roger Federer is satisfied with his form ahead of the French Open final against Nadal / June 04, 2011
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 I still think I've had a great six months. I feel like I'm playing really good tennis, and right now Novak is just a bit better than the rest. And that's okay. I've gone through phases like this on multiple occasions with Rafa, with Murray, with even Agassi and Hewitt and Roddick and so forth. It's just something that's part of the game. 
— Roger Federer is not worried to be at No. 3 in the ATP World Rankings / March 23, 2011
 It was a great match, but Tomas also played his role. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Tomas Berdych in the quarterfinal of the 2010 Rogers Cup / August 13, 2010
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 Serving it out is never easy, even for the top guys. He missed a couple of forehands and that made the difference. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Tomas Berdych in the quarterfinal of the 2010 Rogers Cup / August 13, 2010
 There was a lot of work on my side. This is the kind of close match I was losing early in the year. It was tough. I couldn't take a lot of confidence from that. You sometimes find yourself on the practise court when you hope to have been playing a match. I had a good start, chances in the second, and then it I thought was going to slip away again like the beginning of the season. But I was able to turn it around. It was definitely huge at this point. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Tomas Berdych in the quarterfinal of the 2010 Rogers Cup / August 13, 2010
 Rafa played terribly lately, Soderling is not a threat either. He's got an easy ride to this victory, that's for sure. Djokovic can't play tennis anymore it seems like. 
— Roger Federer in a bad tempered press conference after his loss to Tomas Berdych in Wimbledon 2010 Quarterfinal / June 30, 2010
 The guy's been on an absolute tear on clay for pretty much five years, he's lost just one match at the French Open and I think he's still the favourite, 
— Roger Federer saying Nadal is the favorite to win 2010 French Open / April 26, 2010
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 I'd love to say that I am the favourite but I don't think that's right. He has not lost to anyone outside of potential top five or top 10 players on clay, although there are definitely guys that can play well against him. 
— Roger Federer saying Nadal is the favorite to win 2010 French Open / April 26, 2010
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 I am feeling really good again and I was happy to hear from my doctor today that I have the green light to start working out again so I plan to try and play in Indian Wells next week. Thanks for the well wishes. 
— Roger Federer posted on his facebook page / March 04, 2010
 I'll try, that's for sure, But it's not even number one on my to-do list. I'll just try to defend my number one position. 
— Roger Federer wants to try for a calender grand slam / February 15, 2010
 The first moment when I became number one in the world was six years ago now and it was a magical moment in my career, It was pretty special and I always wanted to get back there. Some people have that drive more than others who've been number one. Rafa doesn't seem like he cares as much for number one, or he doesn't show it. 
— Roger Federer / February 15, 2010
 He had a good start to the season, What he's going through is very similar to what I went through last year. Just because you don't win a major they start picking on you. I'm convinced he will come back shortly. 
— Roger Federer about Rafael Nadal / February 15, 2010
 Davydenko has made his point and it will be interesting to see how long he can last because he's playing a lot of matches and he's not used to maybe winning that much, Players want to beat him even more now. 
— Roger Federer about Nikolay Davydenko / February 15, 2010
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 Every season is different or special, Last year was the most emotional, the most special. Losing in Australia, coming back, winning Paris, Wimbledon, getting married, going through pregnancy, having the babies. 
— Roger Federer / February 15, 2010
 I mean, it's something if it happens, it does, it's great; but it's not something that's like my No. 1 goal. 
— Roger Federer on the possibility of winning a calendar Grand Slam / January 31, 2010
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 I know he'd like to win the first for British tennis in, what is it, like 150,000 years? 
— Roger Federer on Murray's chances of winning his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open 2010 / January 29, 2010
 That's the beauty of best of five sets. I wasn't panicking. Even though maybe I would have lost the second set had I lost another point there at that stage. But, you know, I just relaxed and thought, you know, maybe if the sun goes and his level drops a little bit, the whole thing might change for the better. It did. I couldn't believe the way it changed. 
— Roger Federer about his quarterfinal match against Nikolay Davydenko / January 27, 2010
 Magnus (Norman), his coach, has been doing a great job with him and I'm sure we will be playing a number of times in the future. It was hard to play him in the very first match of the year, but I had fun. 
— Roger Federer on losing to Robin Soderling in an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi, in his first match of the year / January 01, 2010
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 It was a bit difficult, part sun and part shade. I did have a problem while serving. 
— Roger Federer on playing Robin Soderling in his first match of 2010 / January 01, 2010
 It is an honour for me to be named ITF world champion for a fifth time. It was an incredible year for me both on and off the court 
— Roger Federer on being named the 2009 World Champion by the International Tennis Federation / December 22, 2009
 To win my first Roland Garros title, break the all-time Grand Slam record and regain the number one ranking is amazing. It means a lot to me to finish the year again at the top. 
— Roger Federer on being named the 2009 World Champion by the International Tennis Federation / December 22, 2009
 I asked Juan Martin myself at the net, 'Did you make it or not?'. He said, 'I don't think so.'... Of course, you got to feel sorry for the guy who didn't make it. At the same time, Del Potro beat the No. 1 player in the world in the group, and I guess also deserves to go through. There's only two places, and that's the way it is. 
— Roger Federer after three-way tie in the ATP World Tour Finals 2009 Round robin matches in Group A / November 26, 2009
 I knew I couldn't lose in two sets because I knew that was going to knock me out. That's why I was very excited. 
— Roger Federer on qualifying for the semis despite loss in his final round robin match against Del Potro / November 26, 2009
 I was down a set, and only the second set was I able to sort of get the ball into play, find my range, find my rhythm... This is also when I started to feel like I had chances. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Fernando Verdasco in his first round robin match at ATP Tour Finals 2009 / November 22, 2009
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 My first break points, I think I could have had them earlier if I played a bit earlier, but they came for set points, and it was a crucial moment for me because I knew the longer the match went, the more my belief was going up and his was going down. Then in the third, I was able to play more freely. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Fernando Verdasco in his first round robin match at ATP Tour Finals 2009 / November 22, 2009
 I don't think he has much to prove... Now he has to reach very high, which is not an easy thing to do because it's quite open at the top in a way, so everybody beats everybody. 
— Roger Federer on Fernando Verdasco / November 22, 2009
 That's the special part, especially winning for the first time as a dad, It gets me going emotionally a little bit, because I know it's been a wonderful summer. 
— Roger Federer after beating Novak Djokovic in the final of Cincinnati Masters / August 23, 2009
 I know my game's on, and when my game's on, I know I can beat any player in the world 
— Roger Federer after defeating Andy Murray in the semifinal of the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters 2009 / August 22, 2009
 I think [Murray] announced himself when he won here last year, From then on he had an unbelievable run, especially on the hard courts. He's almost won everything there is to win... he's done really well so it doesn't come as a surprise to many people now. 
— Roger Federer on Andy Murray becoming a force on hard courts / August 17, 2009
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 We all know Rafa [Nadal] was injured, so he couldn't put in the fight he wished to concerning the rankings. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal dropping to No. 3 in ATP Rankings / August 17, 2009
 If you look at last week's draw [in Montreal], so many guys are very equal, I think, right now. The final was close, for instance. I think there are many guys who are beating each other right now so it's quite an interesting dynamic. 
— Roger Federer playing down Andy Murray's chances of winning the US Open 2009 title / August 17, 2009
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 Now he's back, I'm back playing again after a few weeks. Everybody seems healthy again, and that can only be a good thing for the rest of the season. I'm sure Nadal will bounce back strong if he's really fit and healthy. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal becoming fit / August 17, 2009
 It would be good [to do well], but it's not crucial.. I'm going to try everything to have a good tournament here. This tournament has been tricky for me. Either I won or I lost early. I hope it's one of those years where I can go all the way again. I feel my game is good enough to do really well here. Then again, I still have to do little adjustments playing on hard courts again. I'm very excited to be [heading] back to New York. 
— Roger Federer on his game / August 17, 2009
 That's a big help, But Mirka is really hands-on. It's great to have the help, but I think it's all been working well since we came home for three or four days. Mirka doesn't mind getting up in the night, doesn't mind feeding the babies at whatever time, changing the nappies. For her, if she can't do it, it's like she's missing out on something. 
— Roger Federer on traveling to Montreal in a private jet with a nurse on board / August 06, 2009
 I was obviously only going to do this if everything was safe and good. 
— Roger Federer on participating in Rogers Cup 2009 after Mirka giving birth to twin girls July 23 / August 06, 2009
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 Mirka went through a check yesterday. The babies have been at the hospital for 10 days, and everything is perfect. So we're doing it. Big family. Big trip. On the bandwagon. I'm really excited to see how we're going to manage it. 
— Roger Federer / August 06, 2009
 We didn't completely just aim for a certain window, so for it to happen during this period of time, we got lucky, Because I was scared. You know how it is. After Week 25, you never know when a baby can come, so at the beginning of the French Open, I was thinking that we have to get through two Grand Slams, and Mirka has to be there. We're not in Switzerland. It could happen anytime really. 
— Roger Federer on the birth of twin girls / August 06, 2009
 I know it's going to be hard to take it away from him 
— Roger Federer on getting the No. 1 ATP Tour Ranking from Rafael Nadal / July 07, 2009
 I'm still processing the whole thing because a lot has happened in the last few weeks. It was such a historic day in tennis and me being the main character in this... I have so many pictures going through my mind 
— Roger Federer on surpassing Pete Sampras's total of 14 Grand Slam singles titles / July 06, 2009
 It's hard to switch off, I want to see the match point again, I want to read something about what the fans saw, how the media saw it. I had about two hours sleep, but it doesn't matter. I slept enough to last three weeks and I still feel great. 
— Roger Federer reflecting on the match point of the 2009 Wimbledon final / July 06, 2009
 It was a combination of being maybe a little bit sad for Andy after seeing Rafa was sad for me at Wimbledon last year. I felt like it was such a gruelling match, everybody was tired and felt for Andy so I didn't want to make a drama about it but I knew the importance and that it was one of the greatest moments in my tennis career. 
— Roger Federer on being reserved on his celebrations after beating Andy Roddick in the 2009 Wimbledon final / July 06, 2009
 Of course I always feel people should be happy for the guy who won and not for the guy who lost. I just kept it together after being so close to victory for so long, it was just a big explosion, and then after that it was all over and it sunk in and took me a while. 
— Roger Federer / July 06, 2009
 It's hard to change things, because the one whose serving is in control, We saw a classic example yesterday. He was unbreakable for such a long time. I didn't think I was going to win that break being down 6-2 but then at the same time I could have been up a break in the first set when I missed that forehand by very little. 
— Roger Federer reflecting on the final of 2009 Wimbledon against Andy Roddick / July 06, 2009
 In a four hour match you're always going to go through good times and bad times and those were the bad times but you have to be able to turn those around. 
— Roger Federer / July 06, 2009
 I get inspiration from Tiger (Woods) and from Michael Jordan who was one of my childhood heroes, Also Michael Schumacher as well, he was at the top for so long. I always get inspired by guys who did something at the highest of levels for such a long time and who are true champions and great ambassadors for their sport. 
— Roger Federer on his inspirations / July 06, 2009
 You had an unbelievable tournament, Andy, Don't be too sad. I went through some rough ones as well. This is only one final, but I know it hurts. Andy is going to come back and win. 
— Roger Federer to Andy Roddick after winning the Wimbledon 2009 / July 05, 2009
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 It's fantastic, because definitely, when you lose No. 1, you never know if you're ever going to return to it, I always thought it was easier staying No. 1 than getting there. 
— Roger Federer on regaining No. 1 ranking / July 05, 2009
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 I thought I had to play my very, very best to come through 
— Roger Federer on winning the Wimbledon 2009 / July 05, 2009
 It was frustrating at times because I couldn't break until right at the very end. The satisfaction is maybe bigger this time because I couldn't control the match at all. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Andy Roddick in the final of Wimbledon 2009 / July 05, 2009
 I don't think it should... I'm just happy I did it by winning the tournament, not just by him not playing. 
— Roger Federer on becoming World No. 1 by winning Wimbledon 2009 and not by Rafael Nadal not playing the tournament / July 05, 2009
 I said hello to him, which is unusual, But I thought, I don't want to be rude, you know. 
— Roger Federer saying hello to Pete Sampras in the final of Wimbledon 2009 / July 05, 2009
 I came up with some good shots today. It is nice to get here. As a kid I never thought I would get all these records. 
— Roger Federer on reaching the final at Wimbledon 2009 / July 03, 2009
 Tommy was playing extremely well. I knew the danger. I am happy with my performance. This is just another great opportunity to get into history. It is extraordinary. 
— Roger Federer on beating Tommy Haas in the semifinals to play in his seventh straight Wimbledon final / July 03, 2009
 There is a lot of speculation about that. I want the chance to win Wimbledon again and that is my goal this year. Andy is an excellent player and prior to finals he has always beaten me. I don't want to take anything away from him or make an excuse, but he played me when I have had back problems which made it hard for me to play my best game. But he played me in the right way and was successful against me because he is a great tactician and he will be a great grass player in the future. 
— Roger Federer on a possible Wimbledon final clash with Andy Murray / June 30, 2009
 I am very down to earth and not going to say I am (the greatest). It definitely feels great being part of such an elite group. 
— Roger Federer refusing to get carried away with people calling him the greatest of all time / June 30, 2009
 What stands out to me, is that I've beaten him so many times that it gives me an incredible amount of confidence, knowing that if I do play my game well, I should be fine, 
— Roger Federer on playing Robin Soderling in the fourth round at the Wimbledon 2009 / June 28, 2009
 It's going to be interesting to see how he's going to enter that match after coping with such a long tournament in Paris and see how fresh he still is. But I've played him here in the past, and I've played him on grass a few times now. Yeah, I'm definitely got to be ready for that match. 
— Roger Federer on playing Robin Soderling in the fourth round at the Wimbledon 2009 after playing him in the final of the French Open a couple of weeks ago / June 28, 2009
 It's fun playing in front of a crowd that's so respectful towards every point you play. If it's an error, they don't like to really applaud it too much. 
— Roger Federer having fun playing infront of Wimbledon crowd / June 23, 2009
 I asked him how his knee was. He was, like, 'It's OK.' So I kind of knew it wasn't great, because he's very honest to me, So I knew something could be coming up. 
— Roger Federer on the chat with Rafael Nadal / June 20, 2009
 I shouldn't deserve it this year because Rafa deserves it (as champion) but I am obviously very honoured that the championships chose me again to open the tournament, 
— Roger Federer on playing the first match on Centre court at 2009 Wimbledon / June 20, 2009
 We played the last three years against each other here at Wimbledon, So we definitely won't see the same final again. That's disappointing for me, of course, because I'd love to play him. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal not playing at 2009 Wimbledon / June 20, 2009
 He's my main rival. We've had some wonderful matches over the years, and especially the one here last year was the one that obviously stands out. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal / June 20, 2009
 That we can't potentially repeat that is obviously sad. I'm also sad for him because it must have been a very difficult decision to make. 
— Roger Federer on not playing Rafael Nadal in 2009 Wimbledon after 3 consecutive Wimbledon final matches / June 20, 2009
 We had a quick a 10-second chat maybe, He congratulated me for Paris. It was good to see him. 
— Roger Federer on the chat with Rafael Nadal / June 20, 2009
 I feel like I've definitely become more a man now than in the last few years since I'm not scared of five setters anymore. I can handle the pressure... 
— Roger Federer / June 16, 2009
 I had to show my fighting spirit more than ever and it's nice to have had a chance to show those qualities because before everybody was just used to my dominance. It's good to know for myself that I can also do it differently 
— Roger Federer / June 16, 2009
 I know it will take a special effort to get back to number one because Rafa has set the bar high. It's going to be hard to take it away from him because he has so many great tournament victories in his 365-day rankings. But I feel I'm a step closer now by winning in Paris and winning my 14th. 
— Roger Federer on becoming World No. 1 again / June 16, 2009
 I was surprised to see him pull out of Queen's, and now the debate that he might pull out of Wimbledon is quite frightening, I don't like to see it, because you want the best to be playing in the biggest events. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal pulling out of Queen's Club tournament / June 08, 2009
 It's maybe my greatest victory, or certainly the one that removes the most pressure off my shoulders, I think that now and until the end of my career, I can really play with my mind at peace, and no longer hear that I've never won Roland Garros. 
— Roger Federer after winning the 2009 French Open / June 07, 2009
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 Now the question is: Am I the greatest of all time? We don't know, but I definitely have many things going for me because I've finally won all four Grand Slams, and I'm particularly happy reaching Pete's 14. 
— Roger Federer after winning the 2009 French Open and equalling Pete Sampras' record of 14 Grand slam titles / June 07, 2009
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 You're the last man to win all four Grand Slams, Now I can relate to what it really feels like... It feels good to be for once on the podium as the winner. It's a magical moment. 
— Roger Federer to Andre Agassi at the prize distribution ceremony / June 07, 2009
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 I kind of was relieved, because he was going to be the hardest one to beat 
— Roger Federer on beating Robin Soderling in the final of the 2009 French Open / June 07, 2009
 I've had a tough draw, Of course, it's not Nadal on the other side of the net, but I beat him a couple of weeks ago on clay (in Madrid), so I really feel like I really deserve it. 
— Roger Federer saying he deserved to win the 2009 French Open title / June 07, 2009
 Change is coming in my life; it's going to be exciting in the next few years, 
— Roger Federer after winning the 2009 French Open title / June 07, 2009
 It's been a fantastic day - to get the elusive French title in the end was unbelievable. I always believed I was good enough to get it - but holding the trophy, after all I've been through was just unbelievable. I'm so proud right now you can't believe it. 
— Roger Federer after winning the 2009 French Open / June 07, 2009
 For me there was never a question whether I was going to retire. I worked extremely hard in the off season. Losing semifinals and finals all of a sudden wasn't good enough for people anymore. But this victory is timely because I've proved many people wrong. 
— Roger Federer saying there was never a question of retiring / June 07, 2009
 The records mean a lot to me especially after the last few years when I realized that I was (up there) with the greatest players of all time. Of course I like to break records - because I look up to people like Sampras, Agassi, Connors and McEnrore, it's so great to be up there with those players. 
— Roger Federer on the records he achieved / June 07, 2009
 I still feel like I have much more left in me - I'm only 27 years-old and I'd like to play for many more years to come and I hope I reach many more titles 
— Roger Federer saying he hopes to win many more titles / June 07, 2009
 I didn't think I played the greatest tennis of my life throughout this tournament. But I definitely played the right way: I was smart. I was strong. I had to show fighting spirit and all those things, It's different for me to come through this way, instead of just dominating everybody. 
— Roger Federer on his performance at the 2009 French Open / June 07, 2009
 I'm just mentally drained and exhausted—and just so happy and thrilled 
— Roger Federer after his exhausting French Open tournament / June 07, 2009
 I feel I've definitely become more a man now, the last few years, where I'm not scared of five-setters anymore, I can handle the pressure. 
— Roger Federer saying he can handle the pressure of playing five-setters / June 07, 2009
 I do think I'm the favorite, actually, with all the success I've had 
— Roger Federer believes he is the favorite for the 2009 Wimbledon Championships / June 07, 2009
 It seems like it's not 100 percent serious, his knee injury. I only wish him the best and I hope it's not true that he will miss Wimbledon. I think it's a lot of speculation at the moment, He wasn't taping his knees here in Paris. He seemed fine, (from) what I saw, anyway. I've played him so many times, I can tell when he's in pain and when he's not. 
— Roger Federer on the news that Rafael Nadal may miss Wimbledon with an knee injury / June 07, 2009
 I'm sure I'm going to enjoy Paris even more in the future, because the pressure is off. 
— Roger Federer on winning 2009 French Open / June 07, 2009
 It was almost unplayable for me, I was just hoping to serve some good serves and hoping he'd make four errors. It was that bad. 
— Roger Federer on his nerves while serving for the French Open title / June 07, 2009
 I can't underestimate Robin, It's nice to see someone else for a change in the final. I've been here before. I don't know if it's an advantage or not, because I've never been able to win. 
— Roger Federer on playing Robin Soderling in the final of the 2009 French Open / June 06, 2009
 It feels great coming through tough matches like that, More emotional, more satisfying. 
— Roger Federer on beating Juan Martin del Potro in the semifinals of the 2009 French Open / June 05, 2009
 I was always confident with my physical and mental abilities that I could turn it round. 
— Roger Federer on beating Juan Martin del Potro in the semifinal of the 2009 French Open / June 05, 2009
 I think I definitely started to play a bit better, I was able to play more consistent and also mix it up well. 
— Roger Federer on the match against Juan Martin del Potro in the 2009 French Open semifinal / June 05, 2009
 He's playing the tennis of his life, Look, there are no easy Grand Slam finals. It's very simple, because the one who is on the other side of the net has also won six matches and is definitely in the shape of his life. I cannot obviously underestimate Robin. 
— Roger Federer praising Robin Soderling on his run at the 2009 French Open / June 05, 2009
 They were really great with me, and they probably waited for this moment, They wanted me to do something magical. It took me a certain while before I did it. 
— Roger Federer on the support from the fans in the semifinal match of the 2009 French Open against Juan Martin del Potro / June 05, 2009
 He's a young player. You always think that there aren't that many opportunities, that many chances for younger players, So I was a bit sad for him when I won. I respect him awfully because he (has) made considerable progress, and I'm certain he's going to be a great player in the future. 
— Roger Federer on beating Juan Martin del Potro in the 2009 French Open semifinal / June 05, 2009
 Obviously it's nice to see someone else for a change in the French Open final 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal not making it to the final this year at the French Open / June 05, 2009
 I've never lost to him but I was there during other Roland Garros finals and I never won. 
— Roger Federer referring to his opponent in the 2009 French Open Robin Soderling / June 05, 2009
 I'll try and do is focus on the match. I'll do my best, play my best tennis on clay, and I hope that I can win the cup. 
— Roger Federer saying he will play his best to win the cup / June 05, 2009
 Clearly I'm the favourite but this doesn't mean much. Such a final with pressure on both sides. He doesn't know what a grand slam final is... but he's got nothing to lose. This is a very open match. 
— Roger Federer saying the final of the 2009 French Open will be an open match / June 05, 2009
 I totally respect what he's done so far. What he's done is that he's played great matches. It's an incredible tournament he's had so far. I'm really happy for him that he's managed to come through, to stand out. I hope I'm going to stop him now. 
— Roger Federer hoping that he will be able to stop Robin Soderling / June 05, 2009
 She helped me considerably, as a person. I developed faster, grew faster with her. Thanks to her I was very calm during the important moments of my career. She is always supportive. I owe her a lot 
— Roger Federer crediting his wife Mirka Vavrinec for his success / June 03, 2009
 Mirka and the others have not come to me saying: 'Now you have to win this match, otherwise you will never do it, ever'. 
— Roger Federer saying there is no pressure from family to win the 2009 French Open / June 03, 2009
 I was very nervous before this match, yesterday and today.. But I have a lot of experience. I know that when I step on the court, I will play well. Or very well. It is very important to me, to have the crowd with me. 
— Roger Federer after beating Gael Monfils in the quarterfinals of 2009 French Open / June 03, 2009
 Everybody, is like, 'This is your year. You've got to do it.' 
— Roger Federer saying everyone wants him to win the French Open title this year / June 03, 2009
 It's also one of the reasons why I was nervous going into this match, because the whole stories of Nadal losing, Murray losing, Djokovic losing, maybe opening up the draw a little bit—obviously, they also play with my mind 
— Roger Federer / June 03, 2009
 Everything just started to click, Today is the first match the score wasn't close 
— Roger Federer on his quarterfinal match against Gael Monfils in the 2009 French Open / June 03, 2009
 I feel like they've adopted me, 
— Roger Federer on the crowd at the 2009 French Open / June 03, 2009
 At this stage, I expected I would be in semifinals, but I was not expecting Rafa to be out before the semifinals. 
— Roger Federer on reaching semifinals at the 2009 French Open / June 03, 2009
 Not really. Sure, he has a good chance to make the finals. But at the same time, Davydenko has a chance as well. 
— Roger Federer does not think Andy Murray can make it to finals of 2009 French Open / June 02, 2009
 I know Gael now. I've played several times against him. He's always got his ups and downs. You know, his attitude, as well, is up and down. You never know what to expect with Gael. But his game is quite solid now. He's calmer than he was in the past when he would play his first Roland Garros tournaments. 
— Roger Federer on Gael Monfils / June 02, 2009
 I knew I was going to look back on that shot. That saved me on that day, you know. That's exactly what happened, and I was able to turn around the whole match. It's a great feeling, because I was in quite some danger right there. 
— Roger Federer after saving a break point and beating Tommy Haas later in the fourth round of French Open at Paris / June 01, 2009
 I was struggling throughout the first two and a half sets from the baseline. I was serving all right, and that was keeping me in the match 
— Roger Federer on the fourth round match against Tommy Haas / June 01, 2009
 After this big forehand, the inside out point. I said, That's a turnaround. That's a turnaround, the inside out. The forehand 
— Roger Federer on the forehand that saved him the match / June 01, 2009
 I think if you make it to the final, then it's a different scenario because whoever I play then I probably have a decent record against, which wouldn't be the case with Rafa, knowing that he has all the experience and the confidence of winning here 
— Roger Federer / June 2009
 This is not my priority right now. ... For me, it's about the majors, really, right now. 
— Roger Federer when asked if he is following the ATP points and ranking / June 2009
 It's (keeping cool) even more important for her than for me, She likes watching me when I play. She wants to be here for each and every single match, but it's too warm. Maybe if she needs a bit of fresh air, no problem. 
— Roger Federer concerned about the heat and his pregnant wife Mirka / June 2009
 I feel like I've got the game, I've got the mental approach and I've got the experience . . . to win at Wimbledon many more times. But I'd like to get this one, this year. 
— Roger Federer wants to win Wimbledon 2009 / June 2009
 I used to cry almost after every single match I lost as a junior. It's not at all a feeling like it's the end of the world -- of course not, because tennis is not everything -- but some people can control it, some people can't, Crying after a victory is something that started when I beat Pete. 
— Roger Federer on crying after matches / June 2009
 The focus is on the first round -- and the first point, Trying to regain my Wimbledon crown, I guess, stands over trying to beat Pete's record right now. 
— Roger Federer / June 2009
 I do think I'm the favorite, actually, with the success I've had and how close I came again last year, Without any disrespect to any of the other players -- because I think this year's field is going to be very difficult to topple. 
— Roger Federer / June 2009
 Once I won the third set, I had my grip on the match, I was stronger, physically and mentally 
— Roger Federer on struggling to beat Jose Acasuso in a tense second round clash / May 28, 2009
 I'm not surprised. I mean, basically, if you get two good results, you can be in the top 10. 
— Roger Federer on Stan Wawrinka's achievement in reaching the top 10 / May 27, 2009
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 He was very nervous. It was on centre court, so I made the most of it. It is true that we have fun together when talking about this match, because he felt uncomfortable. 
— Roger Federer recalling his win over Kristof Vliegen in 2004 / May 27, 2009
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 I thought I took all the right decisions today. In the end it was a perfect game for me... (You) stay positive and I did. I got the win I needed badly. 
— Roger Federer after beating Rafael Nadal in the final of the 2009 Madrid Open / May 17, 2009
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 I don't think he's going to take any damage away from this... I'm sure he's going to be rock solid in Paris again. 
— Roger Federer saying Rafael Nadal has nothing to worry / May 17, 2009
 Sorry to spoil the party 
— Roger Federer after beating Rafael Nadal in the 2009 Madrid Open final / May 17, 2009