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Swiss Tennis player


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 I was down a set, and only the second set was I able to sort of get the ball into play, find my range, find my rhythm... This is also when I started to feel like I had chances. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Fernando Verdasco in his first round robin match at ATP Tour Finals 2009 / November 22, 2009
 My first break points, I think I could have had them earlier if I played a bit earlier, but they came for set points, and it was a crucial moment for me because I knew the longer the match went, the more my belief was going up and his was going down. Then in the third, I was able to play more freely. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Fernando Verdasco in his first round robin match at ATP Tour Finals 2009 / November 22, 2009
 I don't think he has much to prove... Now he has to reach very high, which is not an easy thing to do because it's quite open at the top in a way, so everybody beats everybody. 
— Roger Federer on Fernando Verdasco / November 22, 2009
 That's the special part, especially winning for the first time as a dad, It gets me going emotionally a little bit, because I know it's been a wonderful summer. 
— Roger Federer after beating Novak Djokovic in the final of Cincinnati Masters / August 23, 2009
 I know my game's on, and when my game's on, I know I can beat any player in the world 
— Roger Federer after defeating Andy Murray in the semifinal of the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters 2009 / August 22, 2009

 I think [Murray] announced himself when he won here last year, From then on he had an unbelievable run, especially on the hard courts. He's almost won everything there is to win... he's done really well so it doesn't come as a surprise to many people now. 
— Roger Federer on Andy Murray becoming a force on hard courts / August 17, 2009
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 We all know Rafa [Nadal] was injured, so he couldn't put in the fight he wished to concerning the rankings. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal dropping to No. 3 in ATP Rankings / August 17, 2009
 If you look at last week's draw [in Montreal], so many guys are very equal, I think, right now. The final was close, for instance. I think there are many guys who are beating each other right now so it's quite an interesting dynamic. 
— Roger Federer playing down Andy Murray's chances of winning the US Open 2009 title / August 17, 2009
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 Now he's back, I'm back playing again after a few weeks. Everybody seems healthy again, and that can only be a good thing for the rest of the season. I'm sure Nadal will bounce back strong if he's really fit and healthy. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal becoming fit / August 17, 2009
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 It would be good [to do well], but it's not crucial.. I'm going to try everything to have a good tournament here. This tournament has been tricky for me. Either I won or I lost early. I hope it's one of those years where I can go all the way again. I feel my game is good enough to do really well here. Then again, I still have to do little adjustments playing on hard courts again. I'm very excited to be [heading] back to New York. 
— Roger Federer on his game / August 17, 2009