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Rodney Jerkins Quotes

Grammy Award-winning songwriter, record producer, and musician


Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, record producer, and musician. Working largely with his brother Fred Jerkins III & writer LaShawn Daniels. He has been requested by such artists as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Pussycat Dolls, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige and Lionel Richie. The words "Darkchild" appear in some form in many of his tracks. He is currently working on forthcoming albums from Janet Jackson, Cassie, Anastacia, Melanie Brown, Se7en, and Natasha.

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 We haven't seen an artist like Gaga in a long time — we haven't seen an artist that really has no fear. I remember Michael Jackson used to tell me he was crucified for doing Thriller, but he had to do what he felt was needed at that time. I'm just happy to be part of history. 
— Rodney Jerkins comparing Lady Gaga to Michael Jackson / March 26, 2010
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 I've always wanted to leave my stamp on music, and to be able to say that I worked with Michael Jackson and now I'm working with Lady Gaga, who'll probably go down in history as one of the best female entertainers of all time. 
— Rodney Jerkins comparing Lady Gaga to Michael Jackson / March 26, 2010
 When I got on the phone with Beyonce, she was telling me she wanted her verses to have a hood, street element, and I actually was caught off-guard. I wondered, ‘How am I going to do that? How am I going to make a disco/techno record and create a hood, street anthem vibe for her verse?' But once I got to the studio, it just kind of came to me. 
— Rodney Jerkins on working with Lady Gaga and Beyonce for Telephone video / March 26, 2010
 We never find out the sex of our babies, It helps Joy push them out better because she wants to know what it is so bad! 
— Rodney Jerkins / November 27, 2009