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Former Australian Tennis Player


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 It is certainly tougher to win in the calendar year. There’s a time frame. You don’t have any chance unless you start off winning the Australian Open. Otherwise, it doesn’t qualify as the Grand Slam. Again, the same thing applies with what he did. It takes an unbelievable effort. You’ve got to be fortunate not to have any injuries or any bloody sicknesses. You’ve got to prepare yourself to play in four matches. Depending on the draw you’ve got, that could give you trouble. There are a lot of little things that come along. 
— Rod Laver saying it's tough to win a Grand Slam (4 grand slam tournaments in a calendar year) / January 26, 2011
 That’s disappointing for him, really... In a way, that was an effort to put all those tournaments together through last year. It really was a good performance. I had him as being favored, even to beat Federer, the way he was playing. He just has got a game that’s difficult for Roger. I’ll be darned. I thought he’d come all the way through, but he didn’t. They were all counting that he was going to be the defending champion in all four tournaments. 
— Rod Laver on Rafael Nadal's loss in the Australian Open 2011 quarterfinals which cut short of winning four consecutive Grand Slam titles / January 26, 2011
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 Andy has to be able to play steady, not defensively necessarily but keeping the ball rolling, but he has access to a great backhand, which he hits extremely well down the line and he probably didn't do as much of that as he could against Roddick. The rest of his game stayed defensive and he could have pushed and used his groundstrokes a little more severely. 
— Rod Laver on Andy Murray / July 06, 2009
 I certainly thought that Roger would be the odds on to repeat a Grand Slam in the same year... But it hasn't happened... Nadal came along and pushed him back. I think he would have won a Grand Slam if Rafa wasn't there. 
— Rod Laver on a career Grand Slam for Federer / July 05, 2009
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 I don't think you can compare eras. You can be dominant performer of your time, but I don't think anyone has the title of best ever. 
— Rod Laver on the greatest tennis player of all time