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Roberto Martinez Quotes

Former Spanish Football player, Manager of Wigan Athletic Football Club


Roberto Martinez Info

Full NameRoberto Martínez Montoli˙
Date of BirthJuly 13, 1973
Place of BirthBalaguer, Spain
Height1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Playing positionMidfielder
Current ClubWigan Athletic
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 In many ways they are better than Barcelona. That's just down to the mentality, the belief and they way they approach games. What Barca have is the way they play the game, they are very unique, you won't see another team in world football that will rely on 900 passes to win the game. The pattern of their play is impossible to compare. But United have a blend and mentality in the squad that is the best in world football. It's just a matter of beating a team like Barca in a one-off game and see who can be European champions, as I believe they are on a different level than anyone else. 
— Roberto Martinez saying Manchester United are better than Barcelona / September 22, 2011
 Chelsea have made a great start, but the season is not going to be decided in the first few months and Man City could easily join that title race. They have that strength and talent in that squad. They played one game in the Europa League [on Thursday] and all of a sudden David Silva is back - that is how quickly they can get top players back on form. I just feel City will be in that position when December, January arrives and that is the period when you need to peak. 
— Roberto Martinez believes Manchester City will win the Premier League title this season / September 18, 2010
 Young players need to play football and they need to find experiences and find their way in football games. At the moment, a lot of youngsters for different reasons do that in the SPL in Scotland. I'm not saying that is all positive, because for the teams, they lose a lot of experience and it devalues the standard a little bit. But many youngsters there are allowed to make mistakes on a football pitch, and that is the only way you progress. If you look at the players we have signed in James McCarthy and James McArthur, they are 19 and 22 years old but they have the experience of players who are 25 or 26 years old. 
— Roberto Martinez / September 18, 2010
 I thought we played really well in the first half and were very unlucky to go in 1-0 down. When we went 3-0 down we'd given everything and mentally it was very difficult to recover. Of course we're hurt, but I can't fault the players for that first half. 6-0 does not reflect the game. 
— Roberto Martinez saying Wigan Athletic didn't deserve to lose 6-0 against Chelsea / August 21, 2010
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 What we need now is for the transfer window to close and for us to work hard and get on with it. 
— Roberto Martinez / August 21, 2010

 The chairman is a passionate man, he loves football and he wants the best for Wigan Athletic. He knows the situation we're in, and he couldn't be any more supportive. 
— Roberto Martinez saying he has the support of chairman of Wigan Athletic Dave Whelan despite their 6-0 defeat to Chelsea / August 21, 2010
 I can't waste any energy or time worrying about that. I need to worry about how to get the team to perform for 90 minutes because it's a young side that is capable of the best, and we have to build on that, and that is my focus and concentration. I've huge belief in this group of players. I know we're going to get the results from the potential we showed in the first half. We're working towards the aim of staying in the Premier League and that's the focus. 
— Roberto Martinez is not worried about his future at Wigan Athletic / August 21, 2010