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Roberto Mancini Quotes

Italian Football Manager, Current Manager of Manchester City Football Club in the English Premier League


Roberto Mancini is the current manager of EPL team Manchester City. He was also a former player of the same football club. Mancini has more than 550 league matches, and helped Sampdoria win the Serie A league title and the Winners Cup.

Roberto Mancini Info

Full NameRoberto Mancini
Date of BirthNovember 27, 1964
Place of BirthJesi, Italy
Height1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Playing positionStriker, Second striker
Current ClubManchester City (manager)
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 This is not important - on Sunday we play Manchester City against QPR. For me, they are a good team, they don't deserve to stay at the bottom. They want to do everything to stay in the Premier League and for this reason I think it will be a tough game. 
— Roberto Mancini saying there are no ill feelings against the former Manchester City manager and QPR manager Mark Hughes ahead of their final match in the Premier League / May 11, 2012
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 I don't know [Hughes] very well but it is not Mancini against Hughes or Hughes against Mancini. It is City against QPR. One team plays for the title, the other plays [to avoid] relegation. 
— Roberto Mancini saying he has nothing personal against Mark Hughes ahead of their final Premier League match against QPR / May 11, 2012
 I thought Mario would be banned for six or seven games, that’s why i said he wouldn’t play again this season. He only got three games so I’m pleased for this. He will be back for Manchester United, he will be ready. 
— Roberto Mancini saying Mario Balotelli will be back in the side for the match against Manchester United / April 11, 2012
 It could be normal that we have more pressure maybe than United because United have stayed at the top for 20 years. For them, it is easy. For us, it is the first time. We were only top for seven months." 
— Roberto Mancini saying Manchester City is under more pressure than United / March 24, 2012
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 Yes, I was surprised. For me, it was a red card. I think this happens in every country. Every club gets different treatment. Here, in Italy and Spain, it’s normal that the big clubs get treated differently. 
— Roberto Mancini is surprised at Wayne Rooney not getting a red card for his elbow incident against Wigan Athletic's James McCarthy / March 01, 2011
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 In my life I have never seen that a team arrives in February and March and has to play every two days. This is a big problem, not only for us but for all the teams. Something should change because this is impossible for all English players. At every World Cup and European Championships, there is a problem for England because all their players are tired. We should have more respect for them. They are not machines. 
— Roberto Mancini about the congested fixtures of the Premier League / February 26, 2011
 I told the players to go home and have a drink. They should be disappointed by the result, but not by the performance. We are very close to United now, very close. 
— Roberto Mancini about their (Manchester City) loss to Manchester United in the Premier League / February 14, 2011