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Robert Pattinson Quotes

English actor, model and musician known for playing Edward Cullen in Twilight


Robert Thomas Pattinson is an English actor, model and musician. He is best known for playing Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight, a novel by Stephenie Meyer, and for the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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 What Pierce brought to the script and the set was great... But more than anything, it was so cool to work with a James Bond! I probably came across like a geek but it was great. 
— Robert Pattinson on working with Pierce Brosnan in his new movie Remember Me / February 18, 2010
 I find it really funny - if I got shot, I would literally be in hysterics, I would literally be in hysterics. I would be like, 'Are you serious? Jesus Christ, get Zac Efron! He's got more social relevance than I do.' 
— Robert Pattinson finds being shot funny / February 16, 2010
 When I was 17 until, I don't know, 20, I had this massive, baseless confidence... This very clear idea of myself and how I would achieve success, which involved making decisions. I saw myself picking up the phone and saying 'Absolutely not' or 'Definitely yes.' Having control. Except you have to figure out whether the way you think at 19 or 20 has any value. 
— Robert Pattinson / February 15, 2010
 And eventually I understood, with all that control, which was probably illusory, I wasn't progressing. So now I'm relinquishing a bit. I'll be a tiny bit naked. Except tonight I won't, because it's fucking freezing and my balls will shrivel up. Seriously, you eventually realize you can't make every single decision. I was always building, always protecting something. At the same time, I seemed to be losing the ability to move. I'd protected myself into checkmate. Even mentally. âI can barely remember the last two years. Not like a haze of partying or anything like that. Just . . . it's been crazy.â 
— Robert Pattinson / February 15, 2010
 Actual real relationships with people you have known for ages never change. Like all of my friends, everyone I’ve known, it’s all exactly the same. It’s just new people. If you meet a crowd of people, a lot of times you think someone is going to say something, someone could be going to sell a story about you. The majority of times, nothing bad ever happens, but having that paranoia there is very annoying. 
— Robert Pattinson is wary when people want to be his friend / February 09, 2010

 I read the script and I barely knew that they were books too, The only reason I went to the audition was to see Kristen, because I'd just seen Into The Wild. Of course I had a crush on her but we are just very good friends. 
— Robert Pattinson saying he had a crush on Kristen Stewart / December 31, 2009
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 I am young, free and single, I like people being forward. Gosh, I don't know. I like strong people, chiselled abs... I take what I can get. 
— Robert Pattinson saying he is single and is on lookout for a girlfriend / December 31, 2009
 It's been a little frightening, In England no-one had heard of the series when I went for the audition, so it has been a total, utter surprise. 
— Robert Pattinson admitting he never expected his films to be as huge as they have become / December 28, 2009
 The change to my everyday life is so extreme, Before this I was used to working 10 days a year. Originally, I did a three-picture deal, but I wasn't even really thinking about that... I had no idea that I'd still be working on it now. 
— Robert Pattinson admitting he never expected his films to be as huge as they have become / December 28, 2009
 The acting thing happened by accident, a fluke. What I wanted to be was a musician, and play the piano in bars. I wanted to go to Nice and play on the beach in a tuxedo. I thought that was cool. It’s such a romantic idea. All you have is your one tuxedo. That was my dream job growing up. I haven’t written any songs for a while though. 
— Robert Pattinson wanted to be a musician / December 18, 2009