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Robert Downey Jr. Quotes

American actor, film producer, and musician


Robert John Downey, Jr., is an American actor, film producer, and musician. Downey made his screen debut at the age of five when he appeared in one of his father's films, and has worked consistently in film and television ever since. During the 1980s, he had roles in a series of coming of age films associated with the Brat Pack. Less Than Zero (1987) is particularly notable, not only because it was the first time Downey's acting would be acknowledged by critics, but also because the role pushed Downey's already existing drug habit one step further. After Zero, Downey started landing roles in bigger films such as Air America (1990) and Soapdish (1991). These higher-profile roles eventually led to his being cast as Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 film Chaplin, for which he gained an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

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 He would have someone holding pictures of recently deceased pets off camera to make him feel sad or whatever for a scene. It was all serious stuff. I’ve never seen anything like it. But we had a great time and we were very lucky to get him. 
— Robert Downey Jr. about Micky Rourke / April 09, 2010
 I loved the bare knuckle boxing scene, It was so fun! I think it set the tone for the film. I'm crazy about fightin' now. Love it! 
— Robert Downey Jr. likes the boxing scene in Sherlock Holmes movie / January 05, 2010
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 It's true that Jude Law and I have magnificent chemistry together. Our next stop after this movie is romantic comedies. 
— Robert Downey Jr. on acting with Jude Law in the movie Sherlock Holmes / December 26, 2009
 At one point, there was some talk that I was too old to play the role,... Then I faxed everyone the grosses for 'Iron Man' and suddenly I wasn't too old anymore. It's amazing how things work in Hollywood! 
— Robert Downey Jr. on playing the role of Sherlock in the movie Sherlock Holmes / December 26, 2009
 He's also a great partner, which is at the heart of this film. Jude and I know how to yin and yang,... It just felt natural. We are like an eccentric married couple now. 
— Robert Downey Jr. on playing alongside Jude Law in the movie Sherlock Holmes / December 26, 2009
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 I loved that Sherlock was not only a character of a specific period, but he was flawed in a way that anyone could identify with during any time, He's rather selfish and arrogant. He even suffers from depression. He's an intriguing man. 
— Robert Downey Jr. on Sherlock Holmes / December 26, 2009
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 I don't joke when I say Susan is my better half. She truly is, 
— Robert Downey Jr. about his wife / December 26, 2009
 I cannot believe what a fantastic life I have today. But here's the thing. She didn't change me at all. She just gave me an ultimatum. We both changed a lot so now I can't ever imagine a life before her. 
— Robert Downey Jr. on his married life / December 26, 2009
 I know my place, We love working together. It's hard not to. Making movies is so energy and time-consuming that it takes you away from your real life for big chunks of time. So I get to escape with her as opposed to from her. 
— Robert Downey Jr. on working with his wife in the movie Sherlock Holmes / December 26, 2009
 If I am never in shape again at least I have it encapsulated, I can say 'Look - I looked like that.' But then what? Unfortunately for me now - thin is back in so I just have to keep working at it for now. Being in movies gives me the incentive to keep working out. 
— Robert Downey Jr. saying acting in movies helps him stay in shape / December 17, 2009