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US Assistant Secretary of State


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 But I think what unites us is the fact that there is so much good and so much superb cooperation that is taking place, so I think that good common cooperation will help carry us through a lot of these irritants, 
— Robert Blake saying that there will be some irritants in the large and complicated relationship between India and US / September 28, 2010
 We understand that there is a lot of information that Mr. Headley has, which is of great interest to India, particularly because he was scouting out some possible sites. 
— Robert Blake / April 02, 2010
 We think that India has a significant role to play on virtually all of the major challenges that we face in this century, from global economic dislocation to energy security, climate change, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and violent extremism, 
— Robert Blake / March 05, 2010
 Given India's history as a leading non-aligned movement nation, we have sometimes been at odds in the United Nations and India has opposed U.N. involvement on sensitive matters such as Kashmir, 
— Robert Blake / March 05, 2010
 The first part of this sequencing (resumption of India-Pakistan dialogue) will be for Pakistan to take action against these five Mumbai suspects, to prosecute them... And then for the two sides to agree on the ways that India can be sure and Pakistan can be sure that Pakistan's territory is not being used by these militant groups to threaten India, Afghanistan or the US. 
— Robert Blake / August 15, 2009

 I can assure you we are not going to appoint a special Kashmir envoy. It is longstanding US policy that this (Kashmir) is an issue that needs to be worked out between India and Pakistan, and we do not have plans to appoint an envoy. 
— Robert Blake / July 2009