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English singer, songwriter, actor, and musician


Robert Peter "Robbie" Williams is a multi-BRIT Award-winning English singer, songwriter, actor, and musician. His career started in 1990, at the age of 16, as a dancer and singer with the pop band Take That. Williams left the group in 1995, after many disagreements with the management and certain group members, to launch his solo career.

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 I was sat thinking, 'Wow, this is great'. But that's all it is, a great day. I've got my personality to look after, if I was doing it I would desensitise myself to the emotion. I would find it difficult, who wants to break a 16-year-old's heart? 
— Robbie Williams says he is too nice to become a X-Factor judge / September 28, 2011
 It's weird because it's the last show, there's the five of us and we don't know what's happening afterwards. There's going to be over-sentimentality from me, and tears, and it's just a weird, weird feeling that this whole trip is coming to an end. 
— Robbie Williams is uncertain about their future after their band's final show in Munich / July 30, 2011
 This is going to be one of the best nights of my life - do you know, it's nice to be one of the only ones out of Take That not in trouble this week? That's a surprise, isn't it? 
— Robbie Williams joking about Mark Owen's cheating / March 19, 2010