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Rihanna Quotes

Barbadian singer, model, and beauty queen


Rihanna is a Barbadian R&B recording artist and model. Rihanna pursued a career in recording under the guidance of Evan Rogers at the age of 16. She later signed a contract with Def Jam Recordings. Rihanna's debut album Music of the Sun was released in 2005. Her second album A Girl Like Me was released in less than a year in 2006. Her third album Good Girl Gone Bad was released in 2007 and was nominated for nine Grammy Awards. Rihanna's fourth album Rated R was released in November 2009. She serves as one of Barbados's honorary cultural ambassadors. Rihanna received two Grammy Awards for the single Run This Town in January 2010.

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 I don't even have his number... I had a house party, this is funny, and you know how you have house parties, and people come over that you don't even know. He came by, which was fun for me, I appreciated the company. He brought a bunch of friends, and everybody's hanging out, but I don't even have his number, so I don't know how I could be dating him. 
— Rihanna on her alleged new beau Tristan Wilds / November 19, 2009
 I feel like my fans, they knew me, they knew what I looked like, but they didn't really know what my personality was, But I wanted to give them more of who I really was because I feel like that was a connection I was missing. 
— Rihanna in Europe on a promotional tour of her forthcoming album 'Rated R' / November 16, 2009
 The new album is inspired by a lot of different songs like hip hop, there's a lot of bass and there's a lot of rock, I listen to a lot of Prodigy and Chase and Status, we actually worked with them on a lot of the production and they helped develop the new sound. 
— Rihanna on her new album 'Rated R' / November 15, 2009
 We have collaborations on there, people like Slash, who is the ultimate rock star. 
— Rihanna on her new album 'Rated R' / November 15, 2009
 I'm PMSed, sorry. As usual, I decided to wear the tightest dress I could find! 
— Rihanna joking while accepting Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year Award / November 11, 2009

 I am shaking right now - I am so nervous, but overwhelmed and honored... to be Glamour's Woman of the Year. 
— Rihanna on receiving Glamour Magazine's Woman of the year award / November 11, 2009
 I didn't even know I had to speak; I didn't know what kind of event it was, I didn't know anything until a few hours ago. I have to say, Maya Angelou, I love you, but you made this terribly more difficult for me. 
— Rihanna on receiving Glamour Magazine's Woman of the year award / November 11, 2009
 It is very incredible that you're presenting me with an award. It was a real honor to be named Glamour's Woman of the Year, especially because I think of myself as just becoming a woman. I just turned 21 this year. Just to be mentioned in this group of women is overwhelming. I love being a part of a night where we're celebrating women and such strong women. I thank] my entire family who flew here from Barbados - shout-out to you, Mommy, hi! I really look up to my gran and my mom. They are my two women of the year. I love you very much, Granny. I love you very much, mom. They've shown me what strong women can accomplish and achieve. Without their unconditional love and guidance, I wouldn't be here, and I hope I can be an example for young girls and women today. Thank you so much. 
— Rihanna reading part of speech on receiving Glamour Magazine's Woman of the year award / November 11, 2009
 I'm usually a very guarded person, so having to go in and reach your emotions and personal things to say, it was very vulnerable 
— Rihanna about her recent album Rated R / November 10, 2009
 I'm really a woman, a human being, I go through real situations that women all over the world go through every day. It's great to have the opportunity to be a voice for those women. 
— Rihanna about voicing her opinions on her attack by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown / November 10, 2009